Calling all 'Amazon' published Authors

Last Update: May 27, 2018

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Hi there,

Wealthy Affiliate attracts people from all over the world in many different niches. I have got a blog on here which lists all the 'kiwis' here on WA and I'd love to compile a list of published authors into this post as well. You never know, just like the give and take thread here on WA, we might be able to collaborate on projects and support each other in our book writing effort.

So, if you're a published author with book on Amazon, I invite you to add your details in the comments below. Feel free to include the name of your book too :)

Oh, and by the way, congratulations on writing, editing and publishing a book. That is a testament to your stickability and perserverance. If you can do that with success, then there's NOTHING to stop you being a successful affiliate marketer! Go get em!!

Cheers, Karen

ps. Feel free to upload a picture of your book cover when you reply on this thread. It will be interesting to see what a diverse bunch we are and what topics we write about.

pps. It goes without saying that you should NOT include any affiliate links or other in your reply.

Wonderful Authors on Wealthy Affiliate

@Alan Hocking (non-fiction, personal development)


@Bald Eagle (instructional books about golf)

@BethTerrell (detective series)

@gcd (childrens book)

@herinnelson (childrens books)

@Joshua2765 (editor & proofreader for daughter who has published 3 books :) )

@JulietAA (cookbook)

@kdforsman (fiction, contemporary drama)

@MarkBa (personal development)

@marmar463 (childrens book)

@nfrazier1 (personal development)

@Prinz (childrens books, personal development)

@QAVAVO (biography, christianity)

@Shwni (childrens book & health)

@tDomena (personal development)

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Recent Comments


Hmm one published a couple of years back and a few in the works. Interesting to see how many members are published. :)

~Mark :)

Nice one Mark - very effective cover page too! Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Karen

Hi Mark, I am intrigued by your book. Being a leadership coach, I have developed a great interest in personal development. I will be looking our for your book.


Very nice!

Thanks Karen. :)

Thanks Mojalefa :)

Thank Tiffany. :)

Thanks Karen


You're welcome - have you published a book on Amazon? Cheers, Karen

You are so kind to think that I may even be capable, I am struggling to publish even a post at the moment!

However, if I ever do, I am going to share it!

Thanks Karen


Thanks Karen! I would post but I have 16 now in various formats so its too much. Lololol! Thanks for remembering me!

Update: I've added my latest book cover. I just published this one this morning. It'll be live within 72 hours.

Hi there, how about you just add a picture of one book? Cheers, Karen

I've added the book I just published this morning.




Thanks Wayne!

My Pleasure!


Hi Karen, nice idea :)

I have a few children’s books but would have to finish this from home - I’m on a train.

Thanks and have a lovely day.
Gary :)

Hi Gary, great stuff, please do revisit this thread and upload one of your book covers... we're all about sharing here! I'll add you onto the list. Cheers, Karen

Great idea, Karen. I believe, more authors will soon be listed.:)

I hope so... it's just a matter of winkling them out of the woodwork... (not sure if that's the right phrase, but I know what I mean LOL). Cheers, Karen

yep! good phrase...:)

great question Karen.
I've authored articles and a book chapter (long time ago).
will you publish the results of your poll?

Hi Steven, Not sure exactly what I'm polling, but yes, that's a great idea... what do you reckon, should I do a poll to see how many are writing non-fiction/fiction, or break it down even further? Look foward to your thoughts on that. Cheers, Karen

right now, it's good left open the way you have it and see what the response is. if you get a lot of responses (50+), then maybe a real poll which you can break down by categories

Thanks Steven :)

Okay, so my book is Fraud & Fabrication - a contemporary drama and 'complete fiction' of course!! ;)

Hi Karen, I will be looking for your book too, for bed time reading and for those lazy days or on a flight somewhere far.

All the best

That's fantastic thank you :)

Book and authoring reviews are a great way to enliven WA Karen!

Thank you, hopefully we can be each others best cheerleaders! All the best, Karen

Yaay Karen!

hahaha, very good.

If you can believe it...I have 2 books written on Amazon.
Owen Loves Rugby: Children's Book
Weight loss For Men: Health And Fitness
Author: Shwni O

Matthew :)

I can believe it :) Thanks for sharing!! feel free to edit your post to include a picture of your book cover. Cheers, Karen

Lol, Thanks :)

waiting... come on, Don't be shy!

Done, but dont laugh at the covers, it was my first time, lol

Awesome!! Hey, nothing to be worried about there... Plus, just remember all the people who just TALK about writing a book, but never do anything! You are in the 1%

Hey, I am not an author, but it this is a great idea!!

Thanks for that, it should be interesting to find out just how diverse we all are in the genres we write about! Cheers, Karen

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