Using Spreadsheets to Organize Links

Last Update: February 18, 2018

Since I started my blog, I have created a number of Ebay Affiliate Links, and trying to keep track of them can be a hassle, especially since I will be using them in multiple posts. So, as I create one, I add a entry to my Excel Spreadsheet with two columns, one with the post title, and the other with the actual link. Now when I'm looking for the Ebay link for Buffalo Nickels, I can search this spreadsheet for it, and viola, there's the link that I can easily copy and paste to my post.

Recently, I started added a "Related Links" section at the bottom of some of my posts and I have over 100 posts. So, I built another spreadsheet for all my posts. This spreadsheet has columns for the post title, post link, and up to three keywords. This way I search or filter by post title or keyword for the proper link.

Here's a couple of ways to stay organized while working on your blog. Hope this helps!


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TinaNicole12 Premium
Impressive! I LOVE spreadsheets -- my jobs for the past 18 years have been spreadsheet intense and I grew to love them and their flexibility.
KCorina Premium
Thanks! I try to use spreadsheets whenever I can. I used them for 10 years doing administrative work.