Finishing up Course 2

Last Update: May 28, 2016

I have been with Wealthy Affiliate just under 2 weeks and just completed Phase 2. Have learned a lot since being here. I believe this will help me here as well as with web development.

Got to build a website with Wordpress which is only the second time I've done that. I started building a blog called Collect Us Coins ( and put in a couple of posts. Hoping to put a third one in today.

Thank you Kyle and everyone who has helped me so far here. On to Course 3!

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mjdimarco Premium
Great progress. Looks like we share a similar niche.
JonStevens Premium
It looks like you're progressing well, keep up the great work!
waian Premium
I also began collecting (stamps) at the age of 11, the age you started coin collecting according to your about me page. Coin collecting does intrigue me a bit. Maybe I'll start a coin collection too... :)
waian Premium
That's funny, I've been here just under 2 weeks, and am working through course 2 (not yet finished though). I ALMOST named my website Collect US Stamps (collectusstamps .com), but decided to go more general with Stamp Collecting Spot.
Good luck with the rest of your journey here!
KCorina Premium
Ha! That would have been funny if you had decided on Collect US Stamps the same time I did my website. I collected stamps when I was a kid but didn't keep it up like I did with coins. Think I still have the album full of them.

Wish you luck on your website!
waian Premium
Cool! Before stamps, I was interested in coins. I actually have several that I got for my birthday a while back. Nothing rare that I know of, though I do have a silver Liberty $1, which I believe is from 1879.

I should also mention that I have a folder with the complete state quarters collection. :)