Finding a new theme

Last Update: June 04, 2016

I have used the Omega Theme since I created my website, but want to use another. Can anyone suggest a theme that they prefer?

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feigner Premium
dependant on what you are looking for marion black has a blog about using the filter within select new theme to select a new theme.
use the feature selector to see what you want
don't forget not all themes are on here.
but make sure you are ok getting content ranked and with your marketing otherwise it is something else to learn - try the new theme on a siterubix test site before commiting to your main site be happy with the features and what you can do.
have fun
KCorina Premium
Thanks and I know how to select a theme as I built a Wordpress site before. I was just curious what themes other people liked. I will try the siterubix test site as you suggested.
EvieSmith Premium
It's all dependent on whether you want a free theme or a paid for one. Paid themes usually have a lot more features (I use SimpleMag). I found this webinar last week that I thought gave some really good info about choosing a theme
KCorina Premium
Thanks for the webinar link. I'll check it out. I've only had the website out for a couple of weeks. So, I'll probably go for a free theme for now.