Never Quit, Only Conquer!

Last Update: April 07, 2020

Never Quit, Only Conquer -

We all want some kind of a guarantee when it comes to succeeding with an online business, so here are some of my guarantees to you:

1. I guarantee that it will not be free and will cost you money.

2. I guarantee long hours, early mornings and late nights.

3. I guarantee that you will get a whole lot less sleep.

4. I guarantee that it will be the hardest thing you've ever done.

5. I guarantee that most everyone you know will laugh at you.

6. I guarantee that most everyone will tell you no or you can't.

7. I guarantee that you will want to quit many times over.

8. I guarantee you will deal with many moments of frustration.

9. I guarantee you will experience hopelessness and loneliness.

10. I guarantee a lot of darkness before you see the light.


12. Read #11 Again!

Sending out my love to all the amazing people that have, will and continue to push through all limitations and succeed on purpose!!

REMEMBER, Excuses Come and Go...Opportunities Don't!!!

What are your thoughts? Am I Missing Anything?

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Ghulljr Premium
Exactly what I needed at this point. I've been here in the community for a couple of weeks now and have yet to write a post. I have ideas and then hit a wall for some reason. I began to go through everyone in my network to hopefully get some ideas and this was the first post I read. Whatever doubt or uncertainty I may have had, is gone now. Thank you for the encouragement, Kevin.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Great post, Kevin!👍👍😎
starfalex123 Premium
Great job .Thanks for such amazing post. Full of encouragement. All the best to you. Have awesome weakened.
Kc4dlite Premium
Thanks! Have a Great Day and Week Also!
Jayakumarim1 Premium
very inspiring message
Kc4dlite Premium
Thank You!