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July 03, 2019
I wanted to put a PDF on my site for folks to be able to read and download if they liked. After contacting DIVI Support, I leaned that I needed a plugin to do that. So, I charged ahead and bought the premium version of PDF Premium Embedder, installed it, and set about the task of embedding and such. Well, it would the plugin would embed a link but not the document itself. Grrrr. Not what I was after. So off goes a letter to the support folks at Lever Technologies to see what the issue might be?
June 30, 2019
Yesterday I spent a good portion of my time image wrestling. I was importing images into the WP media gallery but soon found there was an issue. The images looked beautiful on my laptop, but when they arrived in the gallery, they were laying on their side. I thought, OK, how about I flip right the way up with the picture editor. No joy. I did that, saved them, but when I went to upload them from the gallery into my post...the new version was nowhere to be found. I played around with this for a
June 25, 2019
Oh my! I know ranking scores don't mean much monetarily but it certainly does give one encouragement along the way to success. I've been a bit slow off the starting block. I've been a Premium member for over two years and just now getting around to going through the training with a sense of purpose. See! You really don't have to be smart to do this. :-) But now I'm on a roll. With the examples set by WA members and the continual training, I'm actually starting to believe I can make this happen.
Warning! This is a rant. I was at a building supply store today and saw something quite upsetting. It was a bright and hot, 95°F afternoon here in sunny Florida. There was this guy leaving the store who encountered a friend and stopped to talk. He had a dog on a leash and stopped right there on the pavement to chat. The little dog was moving back and forth while the man chatted away, oblivious to the dog’s discomfort. He finished his chat, said his goodbyes and continued on toward his
Today, out of nowhere, I got two notices that someone had registered on the site I'm building. Here's the info it gave me...New user registration on your site 2 Terrible Toads:Username: brook17962975Email: karl.klys4xk@mail.ruHere's the other one.... New user registration on your site 2 Terrible Toads:Username: madisonm98Email: sheridan@singaporetravel.networkAm I just being paranoid or is something nasty afoot? My site has been loading at the speed of molasses for the last week or so too. I pu
November 17, 2017
Sometimes you run across something that's worth sharing and this is a link to one of those things. It describes a simple but fundamental (if not THE) key to success. I openly admit I continually struggle with this and I bet most of us can say the same thing. Take a look and I'm sure you'll agree.
August 21, 2017
Well, I guess no worries about the end of the world coming today as the result of the eclipse. It's cloudy and rainy here in North Florida. Guess we'll have to wait until 2024 for the next one to happen here. :-)
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August 16, 2017
Ya didn't even know I was gone, did ya? Ha. Busted! Where have I been? Well, both me laptops assumed roomtemperature. One was a keyboard issue I might be able to repair (not countingon it) and the other just went black in mid-session and never took anotherbreath. It was old and had lived a good life. Good bye old friend. You'll mean missed.Soooo, with a heavy heart I moped out to Best Buy and investedin another laptop. Ouch!! Lenovo is proud of their $tuff but at least I'm b
July 07, 2017
And so it begins. I started reading and watching the training materials yesterday although it doesn't show that in the training category above. I'm looking forward to learning how to monetize some of my varied interests. The environment here seems friendly and supportive. The myriad of possibilities is awesome. My first challenge is to choose one and get rolling.