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January 23, 2018
HelloI am your cherished dream and this is my story: I was born together with you and I have been living all this time in your heart.In your childhood, we were as one. We both believed that nothing is impossible in this life.I encouraged you as well as I could when you felt bad. when things were really hard, I gave you hope and strength to go on and the meaning of life.As the years went by, the older your heart became, the less room it had for me.Teachers, parents, friends and colleagues never
December 23, 2017
Everyone is wealthy equally. What a statement to make? somebody might ask. Weaith is not money and wealth is not riches. Wealth is greater than riches or money. We all need to be aware that we are all wealthy. This knowledge is not widespread because many of us confuse money, riches and wealth. It may also be a controversial statement because we have so much inequality around us.Can I also add that WEALTH is TIME. Riches and Money are both expressions of wealth. The rich and poor all have 24 ho
October 30, 2017
This is a tool that helps with cutting sections of Youtube videos and sharing them whichever way you want. You can also add your own text to your selection.Go to: the Url of the video you want to chop as you would normally share itSet the start and end of the videoAdd text if you wantChop itYou will see various share options for sharing your selectionEnjoyKav
September 23, 2017
Do you have a blog focusing on plus size and find it difficult to get photos, try stocky bodies at will find plus size people doing normal people things.License: You’re granted permission to use the image without modification, as long as you credit Stocky Bodies
September 02, 2017
Shaun has just joined as a premium member give him a warm welcome.Kav
The merger has finally been sealed and Amazon now own Wholefoods.As of now prices of many products are being marked down.Will that remain so for good?For more on this story, visit: now more affordable, thanks to Amazon:
Has anyone heard of or used Dashlane?It's a free password manager and it's free!Auto saves your password and types them for you.Any experiences with password manager?Please share.Kav
June 03, 2017
Active retirement is to encourage active life after retirement in order to reduce loneliness and to also process the transfer of skills to younger generationHas anyone got this niche, is it workable.I need to debate oppose a group putting forward arguments for this. I've read their proposal and it doesn't say a lot. I have to counter their arguments.These are some of the arguments they propose but my first question is how would this be funded. It all sounds vague.1)Reducing post-retirement lone
Wisdom from 4 year old:
January 02, 2017
Free 2 -3 hour course to explore:Introduction to dronesMapping techniques using drones