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Last Update: September 12, 2017

Aaaaarrrrggghhhh! Another dead end, another U turn, about turn or just plain spinning in the spot! I had come grinding to a halt in the Bootcamp lessons as I increasingly felt I should make a success of a niche first and then, based on that success, promote Wealthy Affiliates as the wonderful platform it is with the proof in the pudding, so to speak. Which brought me face to face with the fact that I don't really have a niche of any sort. Out came the pad and pencil with all my dabblings at things over the years - just like Kyle tells us to do............... the list grew fairly quckly............

Black and white photography (and the old dark room magic turning snaps into prints - I can still taste the developer on my finger tips from dipping into the trays - where did those tongs go?)...........

Sewing ........I made a few wearable things, and lots of colourful dusters........

Cooking ....... luckily (for my family) most of that was and still is edible..........

Gardening ..... not really a green thumb but most of my plantings do survive..........

Reading ...... always enjoyed a good book, and still do..........

Writing .......... briefcases and folders full of scribblings that never saw the light of day again ........ not sure if I would want them to, either!

Knitting .......... meters of test strips, VERY few wearable items..........

Crocheting ...... recently produced two slippers, one which could be worn by a very large person, and another by a much smaller person - aaarrrggghhh - enough said!

Pets .......... I think my cat and doggie know more about me than I know about them. I love them dearly and don't know what I would do without them, but I could hardly call myself an expert. I would have moved out of here by now but this is their home too and both of them are rescue animals. We are here for the long haul.

The list could go on, but I stopped it there and thought I should be able to make a niche from this lot!

Under some pressure to get rolling with things, gardening kept pushing to the fore. After all, I did it a lot to try to keep my 800 or so sq.m under some sort of control. The niche being on the broad side, and living in an area with hot dry summers being the norm, a "niche within the niche" soon pencilled out onto paper .... ha! I had it, I gloated with glee. Yes, I will make waves, er, waterwise waves - no, no waves with waterwise methods - oh, you get the dribble.........

So, what happened to that? Eager to get into it, I rushed it and came up with a domain name that I thought described the concept OK and had a certain ring to it. Only, once I registered it, I realized it didn't sound quite right,,,,,,,,,,',thewaterlessgarden' (meaning a garden which you would water less, not a garden without any watering). How I came up with that one, I have no idea - it must have been in the small hours of the morning, after a rush of blood from one cup of coffee too many. However, I brushed aside the niggling doubt that the domain name suggested something else, and set up a few pages, emphasising the waterwise concepts which I had wanted the site to demonstrate. However, the more I looked into waterwise gardening, the more unhappy I became with the 'waterless' domain name, until I decided there was only one thing to do - CAN IT, delete the website and start over! I did so with a heavy heart as I wasn't even sure where to from here.

What I would like to say to anyone desperate to come up with a niche is - don't rush it! Jot it all down, and don't necessarily register a domain name straight away either. If you do register a domain name and become even a little bit unhappy with it, don't build the website while you are feeling that way - better to register another domain name you are happy with before proceeding. I know it's a waste if you have paid for the domain name, but better that than a site you are not confident with or happy about as you will possibly lose your motivation or passion for it. Some things can't be forced!

So, for now I am 'just another blogger' and exploring the possibilities with that - there is a certain feeling of freedom in not being locked into one thing or competing with an authority site when not an authority in a niche myself. Rightly or wrongly, I have also decided to get back to Bootcamp with confidence that it's OK to promote it even though I have not succeeded in a niche myself yet, because Wealthy Affiliates speaks for itself anyway, with all that it has to offer, and the many happy and successful members who have been with this platform for many years. What more proof do you need?

Sure, it's an about turn but not a belly flop! I can't wait to set up my new blogging website - something I have actually always wanted to do (but lacked the guts to express myself publicly), for fun and to air my two cents worth out there. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliates, this is becoming easier too! And maybe make some coin at the same time.............that is the beauty of this platform - everything, but EVERYTHING you need is here. If you have read this far, thanks for bearing with me.

Last, but not least, my heart goes out to all who suffered losses and hardship from the terrible onslaught of the hurricanes last weekend. Already there have been brave and inspiring posts here at WA. But then, this is a community like no other.


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spurway Premium Plus
It takes time and eventually you will have an idea and you will know what to do. Happy Brainstorming
lynnsam61 Premium
You will come up with a good niche/name since you are giving it so much thought/effort:)
katzee Premium
Hi Erica
Thanks for the encouragement - I will take my time this time. Hope all is going well for you.
GlenPalo Premium
I have experienced and understand the frustrations of picking niches. That's why I wrote my recent blog about being such an idiot.
katzee Premium
Hi Glen - I'll be sure to check it out, thanks for calling by and mentioning it. All the best,