What Does It Mean To Be Deliberate?

Last Update: November 14, 2012

In my blog post yesterday, I said to be deliberate. What does that mean? Well, I’m no expert. I’m still working in my own life to be deliberate. But, let me give you an example. You’re thinking about your friend and what a bad week he’s had. You think, “I should call him and encourage him.” Then you have another thought: I need to get the car serviced. And another: I need to take the dog to the vet. And another: I need to empty the dishwasher. And, then you go outside to water the grass. Random thinking produces random doing. So, your friend didn’t get encouraged and you missed out on the chance to be an encourager. Being deliberate is capturing the important thought and acting on it immediately. Actually, I’ve got a better phrase: Be Intentional! Intend to do it!

I’m finding that being intentional is the best way to learn internet marketing. For instance, yesterday I worked on the lesson about joining forums. I felt like “a fish out of water.” I have never joined a forum in my life and really didn’t know much about them. However, I had the training right there in front of me. I had the method. All I had to do was be intentional, which meant, sitting down at my computer, reading the instructions and then, following through. Sounds easy to be intentional, right? NOT! There were those random thoughts again, not only what I needed to do, but worse, what I told myself I couldn’t do! I call those enemy thoughts because all of us are our own worst enemy at times. “I don’t understand this. I feel like a dummy. I’ll never get this.” You know….enemy thoughts.

I’m not saying being intentional is easy, but if you are intentional, it is effective. It produces results. I did complete the lesson. I did do the assignments. And, I can say that now that I’m on the other side, being intentional feels pretty good! Next?

So, slay the enemy thoughts Seize the method! Be intentional! Let’s Roll!

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I think my way of saying it is to be focused deliberately,not meant to offend you. Keep on I enjoy reading and also give comments.Don't take it seriously,though.