Thankful For WA!

Last Update: November 19, 2012

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I want to say that I am thankful for WA! I’m thankful for the people here, I’m thankful for the community, I’m thankful for Kyle and Carson and I’m thankful for YOU!

I will be out of commission here for the next few days as I prepare for and enjoy Thanksgiving with my family, but before I disappear for awhile; I want to share with you why I love Thanksgiving.

Saturday, I put up the Christmas tree at my Mom’s house. Yes, you read right! It is artificial, of course, but really a beautiful one purchased at Costco (pic to follow). It is the last year Costco sold a tree that rotates so it’s unique. The reason the tree went up before Thanksgiving is because I started a tradition 9 years ago when we bought the tree. On Thanksgiving Day, after we’ve stuffed ourselves with yumminess, we all decorate the tree.

Who is there on Thanksgiving Day, you might ask? That’s the interesting part. It’s at my Mom’s house which is the house I grew up in. My Mom is the matriarch affectionately called “Mama Mama” by all of us. She is joined by me, my brother, my daughter, my son and his wife with my two grandbaby boys, and (here’s the kicker) my ex-husband and his wife and their teenage son.

I started this tradition out of loss. My Dad died at age 62 (way too young!) from heart failure. The tradition began in 2003, the year my ex’s Mom died. One grandma gone. Grandpa was part of our tradition until 2007. One grandpa gone. We miss them all!

As with most families, our family has had a lot of losses and a lot of heartache. But, we have also had greater healing and joy. My ex is one of my best friends. His wife is one of my best friends. She lost her Mom who was only 52 years old to pancreatic cancer and my Mom immediately adopted her as her own. My ex still calls my Mom, “Mom” and their son calls her Grandma. We are a core family. We are the ones left here. We love each other. What a great joy for me that my kids still get to be with both their Dad and Mom on Thanksgiving Day.

On Thanksgiving Day, after we decorate the tree, we take a picture of “our family” in front of the decorated Christmas tree and Mama Mama sends it out with her Christmas cards (I will post the pic later). As you can imagine, we’ve had many questions over the years about the pic and this has given us the opportunity to tell our story of healing.

So, on Thanksgiving, take time to be thankful. May you have moments of healing. May you weep a little for your losses, but laugh a lot with those who are still with you. May you find joy in being together. May you love one another.

Happy Thanksgiving to my WA family. See you on the other side of the turkey and the Christmas tree!

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Hi, Shawn. Enjoy thanksgiving with your family. I'm driving to Ohio Thursday to be with my son and his family and I'm really looking forward to it. Family gatherings are the best.
Kathy1952 Premium
Thanks, Shawn. You too!
Shawn Martin Premium
Kathy1952 Premium
Thanks Pokokitty! I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!
pokokitty Premium
I love hearing about your family, I like hearing blogs that are not just business but also personal so we really get to know people as our lives are not just business. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.