Are You A Newbie?

Last Update: November 13, 2012
Are you a newbie? So am I! I can't give you a whole bunch of technical info. But there are plenty of friends on this wonderful site who can. What I can offer you is encouragement! Several years ago, I spent thousands of dollars on an internet marketing program. I went nowhere fast. So, let me tell you, WA is a jewel among the ashes. Even after I failed at this internet marketing thing, in the back of my mind, I always felt it was something very valuable. So, when I found this site, I was excited, to say the least. You can do this! The training is clear and concise. Just follow directions and you're on the right path. Get involved, connect with others and be deliberate. I am learning so many new things. It's exhilarating. And, if you are like me , without a job, it's nice to be exhilarated for a change! I was scared and felt overwhelmed because of my lack of knowledge, but I took the step, did the training and I'm on the other side looking forward to what my internet marketing future has to hold. Just DO IT!
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Kathy1952 Premium
Thanks, John!
jkellernm Premium
Hi, Kathy. Like your style! Good luck,
BIS Premium
Hi Kathy
I too got caught. I hope your new future in internet marketing will be a bright one.

Good luck

Kathy1952 Premium
Thanks, Beverley! Yep, isn't it the pits? But no looking back now. I hope to make my future bright with WA and I believe I can. My best to you, also!
Kathy1952 Premium
Hi Carson! Thanks so much for your comment. It really means a lot! You and Kyle are great and such an inspiration! I hope the blog post does help those who are wavering. One of my gifts is encouragement, so if I can help others by doing that, then I am successful. I am so excited about WA and can hardly move away from my computer. Thanks for what you do!
Carson Premium Plus
Hi Kathy, this is a very inspiring post! Your story is like many others who have spent thousands of dollars online trying to get their businesses up and running only to be let down. This is why we have the Starter membership here at WA. Everyone can get involved in the community first, then when they are ready they can take the next step and upgrade to a Premium membership to get more training, more tools, and more support.

Everyone who takes action and treats their Internet marketing as a real business will succeed. It's those looking for push button overnight success that will consistently fail.

Thanks again for the post, I know it will help many people decide to take action and get involved here at WA!