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Can I change a domain name?

Can I change a domain name?

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I would like to change the domain name on my site from a domain I have already purchased to another domain name I have purchased. Is this possible?

Thank you everybody, problem has been resolved :)

Yes you can Kat.

Just go to site domains then remove the domain name. Then do the exactly the same process to point the DNS to WA HOSTING for your new domain name.

You sure can.

I recently changed one of my domain names on a site that has been running for 2 years. It is generally not recommended, but I needed to change my whole branding.

If you use the 'move' feature here ay WA, Kyle says it won't affect any rankings etc that you have.

Here is Kyle's training on how to move your existing domain to a new domain. Have fun!

Thank you very much for that, I really appreciate that.
When I click on move and enter my new domain name, it says: Unsupported TLD

Is this because I only changed the DSL setting on namecheap today to let them know the hosting is with WA?

I am not sure on that one sorry.

Hopefully someone here who knows more than me can help you out.

DSL? Are you talking about DNS, designated names servers,That is what you change to point your domain to WA ns1mywahosting.com -- ns2.mywahosting.com

So you have one unused domain. Then you can transfer the site like what people do with siterubix sites to their own sites.

Yes, I already changed from my siterubix domain to another domain. But I would like to change that to another domain I have paid for. Does that make sense?

I think it can be done the same way.

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How do I remove a white background?

How do I remove a white background?

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Hello Wordpress Wizards! I have a problem with a white background. I have inserted a new row and used the visual editor widget to insert the writing and spaces, but I cannot se

Apologies, I forgot to mention the theme! It's the Tesseract theme.
Many thanks to everybody who has taken the time to respond!

Hi, Katdask, go to your dashboard check the themes, you need to go to appearance and does square are part of the design, check each one to see where is they show up, most of the time are under the themes.

it will be easy for us to check it if you can tell us the name of the Theme.

It does not seem to be a case of a "background" because that is the image with wood, the acorn, etc. The white area is part of your post or page. You have the website background but then you also have the post background. Try changing the "fill icon" (usually looks like a can of paint) to something other than white.

You can try the Background Manager Plugin. This Plugin can modify the default WordPress theme background quickly and can create multiple sets of images.
Good luck.

Tell us which theme it is and then maybe someone will know the answer.

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