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I’m a qualified Astrologer and Tarot reader based in Hungary. I also have experience in journalism: between 1992 - 2015 I worked for different mainstream Hungarian newspapers and press agencies. Besides the methods of the classic Western Astrology I rely on Jungian Psychology for a deeper insight.

I was attracted to the world of mistery, dreams, mythology and tales since my early childhood. However I didn’t want to become a spiritual advisor. I started studying Astrology, Tarot and Jungian Psychology in my early twenties to find answers to my own questions. I completed a four-year program of Baktay Ervin Institute of Astrology in Budapest and graduated as an astrologer in 1997. By the end of my studies, I realized that it was one of the best investments of my life.

However, I launched my individual praxis of life coaching much later, some years after my first Saturn return, in 2003. I was aware that before I could guide others, I must apply the acquired knowledge successfully on myself. First I have to use my Astrological studies for improving the quality of my own life, to raise my own level of awareness.

I 'm bilingual, English is my second language. I started blogging in Hungarian in 2011 and I launched a blog in English in 2017. Both of them are about Western Astrology, Tarot, self-help, working with dreams and symbols.
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