Macbook pro or fast pc for all wealthy affiiate work?

Macbook pro or fast pc for all wealthy affiiate work?

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Hi Guys,

I'm in need of an upgrade due to my current setup being way too slow for working on my websites and studying at WA. My question is, does anyone have experience with

Hey Max I have owned many PC's since they first came out. A year ago I bought a MacBook Pro ... I will never buy another PC!
Cheers, Joe

I use a MacBook Pro and it's the best computer I've ever owned. Fast, portable, reliable and user-friendly. You will be very happy if you go with a MacBook Pro - good luck with your decision!

Hi there,

I don't think it makes a difference if you have a fast computer, Macbook or any up to date super machine to do your online work. In my personal opinion, a dual core, Windows 8 or any other modern OS, a good speedy internet connection and a good sized monitor (24" and above) will do just great for creating websites.

A modern OS is good for snappy navigating and support of all current tools, programs, etc.

A speedy internet connection is good to ensure quick loading time and quick upload time.

A good sized monitor is good to multitask, for example to work on 2 pages at a time, for example 2 word documents open, etc.

Just my 2 cents and how I do this business. :)


Awesome thankyou...yes I think my windows XP is really outdated.

Windows XP would still do fantastic, if Microsoft wouldn't have recently stopped any updates and support for it. :)

I found that internet speed is most important. Slow downloads eat your working time. Each system has its advantages. Choose the one your most comfortable with. I have desktop with touch screen, good laptop for portable work and smartphone for keeping up with small stuff during the day.

Thanks for the advice.

Mac all the way...if you get a good enough Mac you can dual boot and run windows on it if you really need to.

Great I will look into it.

I found that additional monitor that extends your display area makes a big difference. It is pretty easy to setup in Windows. Please, let me me know if you are interested and need help with that.

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Legal issues surrounding negative Reviews

Legal issues surrounding negative Reviews

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Are there any legal issues surrounding negative reviews?

I'm not from the States so I'm not familiar with the legal structure there, if you are negatively reviewing a prod

You can write a negative review but do not slander a company or product. That means willfully saying things about the company that are not true and can be harmful. So if your opinion is that product or company does not meet your standards you may say so. Be prepared to back up your claims.

I reviewed I had used the service. One of their marketing people actually called me to discuss my review. I told them what I thought about the company. I have a good review of the company but not great.


If you draw a comparison for example to another site and can back up why in YOUR OPINION you think a product or site deserves a negative review then you are safe. Note the words "your opinion' or alternatively use "I think". Links to other reviews are a bonus, as long as they are not part of a private membership site or of a nature that permission has not been granted to release those opinions of others. Also have other sites given a negative review of the product?

Thanks guys I appreciate the advice!

I did have a company try to get my site taken down twice but they don't have the legal ground to do so.

Base them on facts and you are fairly safe.

It is generally accepted knowledge that product reviews are opinions. If it makes you feel better you can say in your about me page or somewhere that all the reviews on the site are your opinion or the opinion of other reviewers etc. Then I wouldn't worry about anything too much.

I'm not from the states either, but as long as you keep your review professional, so it doesn't come off like a personal attack and you say it's your personal opinion, you should be right

Order of Pages

Order of Pages

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WA Affiliate Program

Another question, I can't seem to get my pages in order on my affiliate site, I have them placed in correct order on my menu structure, yet it doesn't translate to my order of p

I believe that after you set the order of your pages and save that, then you need to click on the tab "Manage Locations" and set your new menu there and save.

Thanks Autumn I'll give that try!

The only thing I can think of is to make sure you have that menu activated. You can create the menu but I had to go in and tell it to use menu 1 (or whatever the name of your menu is) because if not it will just use the default order that it threw your pages up.

Product Reviews

Product Reviews

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WA Affiliate Program

Regarding the product reviews that you are meant to do on your affiliate site, if you have no experience with the products, where do you get the information regarding the review

Be extra careful with reviews, especially those written by others. My best friend gets paid to write positive reviews on books she does not even read. The employer actually tells her how many stars to rate it with. I find it sad that supposed "customer" reviews are actually paid "advertisements".

wow thats interesting!

I have done a few reviews where the specs for products are taken from manufacturers websites but, as in cameras, I have handled these in shops (to disappointment of salesman) just to get the feel for them and take a couple of test shots. I then collate the info into a review.

Excellent advice guys, I will take it all into consideration! Thanks

That's the question. You should know the product when you are writing a review. Reading what other people wrote about this product is a good base, but in my eyes not sufficient. Many products are offering a test period or version of their product or service. Use that and make a try. It's like testing cars, you don't have to make thousands of miles to do that. If you are using only your knowledge of other reviews, please make a reference to those reviews.

I wrote a blog about how to do this a while back. It won't let me post the link but you can access it from my profile page.

This is a very good question. I haven't written a review yet myself, but as a newspaper editor. I will tell you that unless someone comes up with something that tells me there is a better way, this is how I will handle it.
I will gather all the info I can get much as if It were a story I was reporting on. I would separate the data into three categories: Pros, Cons, and user reviews. Of course the Pros and Cons would be things I liked or had problems with, and after summarizing. I would then go through the users reviews and mix them in the appropriate place. I would put it something like this;

I found the navigation on the site to be adequate, but some users reported it was difficult for them to understand certain aspects. Other users said they had no problem.

At the end of the day I would always check reviews others had done just to make sure I didn't overlook something.
Ideally I would do what I could to be a user, so my review might have more to deal with websites or books. If you writing a review on Bicycle Derailleur gears on a certain model, I would go to a local bike shop and ask the mechanic his opinion and preference.
Whatever your niche is will probably be (Should be) your area of expertise so you probably have some fundamental knowledge to begin with, and there is always the Internet.
I hope this helps, and your instincts not to fabricate are spot on. If you got caught doing that all your work towards building credibility to be an authority would be gone. I am sure you will get better more experience advice to this question.
Good luck!

What a great post with excellent advice! Thanks! Best regards.

Amazon's reviews can give ya' alot of great info. Electronics... Best Buy and Newegg.... so on and so on!

Hands on with the product will give you better insight about it.

Its all about research. Do your due diligence before writing a review. Find out what it is about and look at other people had to say. Granted many reviews are normally either written because they liked it or hated it but it will give you a good idea of what is going on with the product. Also check out the product page and get a good grasp on it. Don't just make something up =)

I usually read about 10 reviews and use my knowledge of unrealistic claims and hype. Of course, most of the reviews I write are unfavorable.

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