We buried my mom this week.

Last Update: October 09, 2021

"In the end, we'll all become stories..."Margaret Atwood

This past week has been very difficult. On September 29, my mom died. I had the honor of being with her when she passed.

Still, I am missing her so much. I guess you don't realize just how much you miss a person until they are no longer there...

She was 80 years old.

It has been hard to focus, but she was always happy and interested when I told her about the blogs that I was writing.

Perhaps the hardest part has been helping my dad through this. He has the start of Alzheimer's Disease and the loss of his rock has been really hard on him.

The photo at the right is my mom's casket during the graveside service. The headstone is that of my younger brother's. He died in 1980.

The quote above really is a truth in that we all do become stories. We have told the story of my brother for many years. Now we will be telling the story of my mom.

Don't ever doubt that our stories matter. They matter very much.

When we tell a story in our blog posts, even if it is about a blender, we might make a difference in someone's life.

I feel as if I will be incorporating stories about my mom into many of my blog posts.

The photo at the left is one of my favorites of my mom and dad.

They were always sharing things with each other whether it be a banana for breakfast or coke at McDonald's, they were always sharing something.

They shared their lives with each other and us children for over 60 years.

I appreciate your reading of this post and sharing in the celebration of a little part of my mom.

She was a wonderful lady and I miss her greatly...

Best wishes for a great weekend!


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JeannineC Premium
I know what it's like to lose your Mom. Some days will be good, some days will be overwhelming. It's probably the worse loss of your life.

I'm happy for you in knowing that you have so many wonderful, loving memories that will indeed bring you comfort through the coming days, months and years. They really do matter and you'll play them over and over in your mind for years to come.

The loss never goes away, but it does get easier with time. I'm so sorry you had to say good-bye.
JeffreyBrown Premium
What a wonderful story of your Mother and Father, Karin!

Her story will be told over and over! While I express my sympathy for her loss to you, and I know that she will live forever in your heart and with her story, and I also believe that you will see her again one day!

BrendaMZ Premium
My Mom is 81 years old. Healthy, stubborn and independent. She feels she only has a year to go but she’s been saying that for years. My Dad been gone since 2014. My husband died five years ago. I know a loss of a loved one is 💔 heartbreaking and painful. The memories you have with your Mom is cherished, thanks for sharing some memories you had of your Dad and Mom together. Sorry for your loss. I know it’s a painful time. No words can really describe the anguish.
Feochadan Premium Plus
I am SO SORRY that your Mom passed. Thank goodness you could be with her - not many are able to do that. My sincerest condolences.

One thing that also struck me in your post was a nugget worth taking home for us all. “ I guess you don't realize just how much you miss a person until they are no longer there”. We should all step back and appreciate our friends and family while they are still with us. Anything can happen to any of us at any time.

All my best wishes to you,

JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Karin,
Please accept my deepest sympathy on your Mother's passing. How wonderful that she has left you with such happy memories.
Your Mother's and father's love for each other is so obvious. What you all shared as a family will be of great comfort during this time and for many years to come.
You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you help your dad through this difficult and sad time.
Warm wishes.