The importance of expectation

Last Update: August 15, 2019

You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them. ~ Michael Jordan

I think a lot of times we don't get what we want because we hope for it without expectation. We don't really believe our work will pay off—we don't expect it to—so when all that negative thinking fills our brains, well, there is no room for positive expectation.

As Michael Jordan stated above, you have to expect things of yourself before you can do them. The problem is, we don't expect things of ourselves. We don't push ourselves to do the things we want to do.

Oh, sure, we do some things to advance the path, but when it gets hard, we make excuses and eventually we just stop doing anything.

Let me give you an example of expectation.

I started giving my cat a certain type of treats a few years ago. She loves those treats. She will wait expectantly for me to wake up every morning so she can get those treats. She will look at me and meow. She will roll over onto her back in full submission because she knows if she does that she will get a treat. She has come to expect those treats as a reward for the behavior that she has been conditioned by me to perform.

If I stopped giving her the treats for a certain amount of time, eventually, she would stop doing those behaviors because she would no longer expect anything.

Without that expectation, we will get nowhere fast.

Maybe the expectation you have is making a lot of money. Then you need to put something out that will make you money. You can't produce junk for very long before people will expect junk from you and you won't get what you are expecting.

We all know that writing a blog doesn't automatically produce money overnight. It is when we lose our expectation that it ever will is when we give up. We lose sight of what we started our (web)site for. When we lose sight of that, we lose our expectation.

I am expecting to make a lot of money from my site, but I am also expecting to help a lot of people. I have learned so much that I have to share on my sites. I am expecting a lot of myself and I do not expect to let myself down.

What are some things you are expecting for your work with your blog? Share below if you care to! :)

Best wishes,

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firstlearn Premium
A great post Karin.

CCelest Premium
Lovely post Karin.

t-Dubs Premium
If I may offer a different perspective:
"Expectations are the seeds of future resentments." What I mean by this is as follows:
If I think about my life, anytime I had a resentment, it was because I had an expectation that wasn't met. Some expectations are healthy; I expect my wife to be faithful to me. I expect to be paid for hours worked if I am employed. I expect that the government will take its share of the money I make, and as such, I save accordingly.
If these expectations aren't met, I will become resentful, understandably (except for the last one 😜).
Let's talk about unhealthy expectations. I may expect to "get rich quick" writing a blog. I may expect my wife to have dinner ready for me every night. just because the expectation is unrealistic or unhealthy
doesn't change the fact that the rule still applies. When they aren't met, I may get a resentment.
So, how can I avoid developing unhealthy expectations? Communication! If I communicate with others who have been successful in the industry, they will tell me that my expectations need to be adjusted. If I tell my wife that I expect her to have dinner ready every night, she would DEFINITELY adjust my expectation for me (or she wouldn't be my wife for long!).
I think the key difference between those who are successful and those who aren't is that the first group sets high expectations for themselves, tempered with a realistic perspective.

Just my two cents.

Edit: I am HOPING to make money on my website, but I am EXPECTING to have to work hard. I expect to enjoy the journey, no matter the outcome.
juanster2017 Premium
I just love sharing my knowledge about fantasy sports my lifelong passion, thanks for sharing this post
JoePlale Premium
... actually, Your CAT has conditioned YOU, to fulfill her desires .. If you stop giving her Treats - upon command - She will pout, till You "cave", and start doing Your Job again.

... "It is The Natural Order of Things"

Regards from another, who has been "Owned" by Many "Feline Overlords"

BarbaraN Premium
Absolutely true Joe-I have been owned by many "feline overlords."