Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

Last Update: August 23, 2019

There are a lot of people in this world right now lamenting their "shoulda, coulda, wouldas."

"I should have, I could have, I would have _____________ ." (Insert your favorite in the space.)

I think I would be safe in stating that most of us have done the "I shoulda, I coulda, I woulda" song (or some version of it). We might say, "I shoulda done that when I was younger. I coulda done it if the entire universe wasn't against me. I woulda done more if I didn't have all these excuses holding me back."

Admittedly, I have sung the "shoulda, coulda, woulda" song many times.

I have found myself "singing" it a lot lately. I've been having some health things going on and I have been using them as an excuse for not working on my business.

I know better than this, but "shoulda, coulda, woulda" sometimes takes over the thought process and I fall into the "pity party" mode. "I shoulda wrote a post for my blog. I coulda wrote one if my stomach didn't hurt. I woulda done it, but I had to sit and whine about other things."

My resolve is weak, but my six year-old granddaughter reminded me this morning that I want to retire soon and she wants me to retire, too, so we can do more fun things together.

Jas: "G.G. are you retiring soon?"

Me: "Not yet, but soon."

Jas: "You mean today?"

Me: "No, not today."

Jas: "Oh. Well, what do you have to do to retire?"

Me: "I have to make enough money to pay our bills."

Jas: "How much do you have to pay your boss to retire?"

Me: (Laughing) "I don't have to pay my boss anything. I have to have enough money to pay the bills."

I could see her little face working as her mind was trying to come up with how much money she had in her piggy bank.

Jas: "How much do you need?"

Me: "About $3000 a month."

I could see the disappointment in her face when she realized that was a lot of money.

I have a little more than a year to be making the $3000 a month (from my online businesses) I need to retire. I had best get working at it, because the "shoulda, coulda, wouldas" do not pay the bills!

"All we have is words...All we have is worlds..." Let your words be the ones that take you higher to reach your goals!

Have a great weekend!


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mcknisu Premium
A year goes by fast.... and then there will be no looking back!!😀
Karin13 Premium
Yes, it does! I am so looking forward to my "retirement!"

Feochadan Premium
You look after yourself and then GG can retire! Sometimes you just have to take a break for your own health.
LLettau1 Premium
Good intentions can pave the road to empty harvest.
Karin13 Premium
Yes, they can and have. Working on making that a past practice!

omsuccess18 Premium
I definitely have been there - I should/could.... And I have to say it really does not feel good! Do take care of your health and may you meet your goals soon!
Karin13 Premium
Working on both! Thank you!

AlanJE Premium
Good luck with your goals Karin, I wish you success, Alan.
Karin13 Premium
Thanks, Alan!