More Amazon sales and a new book underway

Last Update: September 20, 2021

It's been a busy couple of months. In addition to multiple posts being indexed (always a thrill!), I have also made a total of 5 sales on Amazon. It isn't BIG bucks, but any bit helps. Plus, as anyone who ever makes sales will tell you, it helps to believe that this actually works!


I have really been enjoying doing the videos for my diabetes blog. The videos are typically about 5 minutes long and fill in areas that might not be covered completely in the post. I actually feel very comfortable doing the videos. I post them on YouTube and on Tik Tok also. A friend of mine has been encouraging me to get more videos out there!

I have been working on posts nearly every day along with a video. The video and the post go hand-in-hand. I have noticed that when I ask for comments, it looks like most commenters are not watching the videos which are a very important part of the whole story. I am hoping that those commenters will see this post and take that to heart. It can be discouraging to ask for comments when it is obvious that the whole of the article/video is not being addressed.

Anyway, sorry if that seemed a little like a rant. It was merely an observation and a response to the observation.

It is cool to spread the videos out over the three platforms (my website, YouTube and Tik Tok) because I get responses from people on each one and they are all different people the responses come from!

I am doing a post a week with a monetizing link/review. I have been averaging 5 posts a week with one "sales" link in that week.

New Book

My new book is more of a personal one in that it is something I am writing from "scratch" and from my heart. It is about telling our stories and why that is so important.

Over the course of the past two years, I have heard so much about "story" and telling our stories. Hence, the title of the book.

The image included is my attempt at the cover!

Anyway, I don't want to make this too long. Just wanted to share a bit of good news and what has been going on in my life!

Take care, Friends! I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous week!


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Linda103 Premium
So pleased for you Karin, sounds like everything is going really well. If you can make 5 book sales, then you can make 500.
There are groups of authors on Twitter who RT each other which then gives you a wider audience. Might be worth a try.
I am not keen on watching videos I must confess, I would rather read something than watch it as I take in the information much better that way.
ERichardson1 Premium
Congratulations and may prosperity and good health be with you always.
CherryRed20 Premium
Congrats on the new book and making more sales!

Newme202 Premium
Congratulations Karin
Such awesome progress
Please keep us posted
Wishing you lots of success as you go throughout your journey
eminentcopy Premium
Congratulations on your new book.
I wish you more success.