Sold My Movie Blog for $3000 on Flippa!

Last Update: May 30, 2018

I know what you're probably thinking - it's not too much, but let me explain why I am so happy that I managed to do it.

First of all, the website didn't make me any big money - it made 8$ in total in an year, mostly from Amazon commissions and Adsense.

In the movies niche, the commissions are really tiny, especially when coming from Amazon and there are plenty of other free ways to watch a movie a part of buying it on a DVD or Blu-Ray.

Recently, I started to get some steady traffic - 18 000 visitors in March that I drove to the site mainly using SEO.

In fact, almost every post that I wrote, landed immediately on Google page 1.

I tried to write witty, lenghty, and informative content that was also visually appealing.

I also did some guest posting for several big movie websites which also brought some amount of traffic to my website.

The truth is I didn't think about money when I was busy working on it. I did it entirely from pure pleasure, knowing that in this niche, free of freebees, it would be a challenge to make a satisfaying online income.

You know what - I didn't care.

I didn't because I was following my passion and I was hugely entertained.

I was having fun writing awesome SEO-friendly content using the techniques that I learned here at WA and my satisfaction was coming from the many subscribers that I had and from the exceptional feedback that I was receiving from my visitors and social media followers.

Fun is fun but after a year I realized that it is time for me to make some money online.

A few weeks ago I strarted a new website in a promising new niche that started to entirely consume my time.

I didn't have the time to update my movie website so frequently any more and I decided that I simply won't let it rot in oblivion.

Finally, I wanted some kind of an award to mark the end of a journey through which I learned a great deal about online marketing.

That is how I decided to list it for sale on Flippa.

I reluctantly did it because I knew that a website should make some money in order to qualify for a decent offer. Now I know that this is completely wrong.

The initial business evaluation that I received from a Flippa broker was in the range of $200-$500. I found that ridicilous.

I knew that my website was having a decent amount of traffic and tens of posts were on Google page 1.

Not to mention that it was (and still is) visually stunning.

I listed it several times without luck until a few days ago I finished the negotiation process and I closed a deal for $3000.

I think that for a website which doesn't make money, it is a fair amount.

So I sold it to a large online media corporation that was happy to acquire my website and my brand.

I am also satisfied because I know that I've accomplished a lot via my website and it won't just die in vain.

Plus, I received $3k that I plan to fully invest in an online business. Maybe I will purchase an established website that makes money and I will further develop it.

So the bottom line for me is that even though I didn't make big money from my movie website, I am still a winner because not only I made the unbelievable $3k from it which will come as a great investment but I've also learned that when you follow your passion and you put in the hard work, the end result is always satisfactory, one way or another.

So my advice would be not to frantically think only about the financial part, especially at the beginning of your online journey.

Also, I'd like to express my gratitude to everyone at WA for the great help, including of course Kyle and Carson.

Have fun and the rest will follow, I am the living proof!

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ContentBySue Premium
Congratulations, Asen! This is excellent news! Makes me wish I had saved my original domain for my line of bath and body products. In fact, I need to check to be sure. I may still own that domain. LOL!

Wishing you success in your new adventure.

All the best,
Karax Premium
thank you. that is the point - I didn't want to just leave the site die. I want it to have a decent continuation and to make me some money in the end.
wendyg53 Premium
Congratulations! I think that is a very respectable sum for a website that ran its course for you. I'm sure bigger and better will follow. :-)
Karax Premium
Thanks. I will do my best to make it happen
Stella2 Premium
Congrats to you!
And, all the best with your new site. :-)
Karax Premium
Thank you!
MMoncur Premium
That's excellent news! You made an excellent decision and knew the value of your hardwork and results on Google to make a profit. This is great example for others who may want to change their niche to something more profitable without wasting their previous website.

Wishing you all the best on your new online venture!! Congrats again!
Karax Premium
Thank you. One always has to know the right price for his hard work and stand for it.
wendyk Premium