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When I joined WA I immediately knew this was where I wanted to be and that I would gain immense knowledge and training which would eventually lead to earning through Internet Marketing.I did not use the free account but signed up for Premium straight away as the benefits were precisely what I was looking for and I could not wait to use the Premium benefits.I have been following the "Get Started" course and building two websites for 2 niches I have chosen, they are not finished yet. I have peeke
August 31, 2015
A few months ago, for reasons I cannot remember, I took my daughters car seat out the car.I was sitting on the floor playing with her, in her bedroom, and looking at the car seat I noticed that the handle adjusting the headrest was perishing from exposure to the sun. That led me to start thinking... we live in Africa even our Winters are warm compared to most parts of the world and yet we do not have any heat protective covers for our vehicles, let alone the baby car seats. I started researchin