My Progress With My Website And EndGame

Last Update: May 13, 2019

1. My Progress So Far

Hey everyone, my name is Jovan Vedrene for those that don't know me (which is probably most of you.) and I just wanna say I've been learning a lot just from going through the wealthy affiliate course.

So I've build my website which is and right now I just have to keep posting consistently. I went from having 0 idea about how I can use wordpress successfully to understanding how to create content and upload pictures connected to the post that I'm discussing, using keyword rich words connected to my post etc.,.

I'm sure there's more that I have to do to make my website look more refined but I know that this all comes with time and consistency.

2. Niche That I'm Working In

The niche that I'm working within is men's health and fitness. My prespective and approach that I'm taking is to challenge to common pressure that men face which is to focus by prioritizing a muscular physique over functional strength.

Now obviously I'm not saying that no man want's to have a muscular build. In fact I'm not sure how many guys want to stay skinny, slender or even overweight or obesed. I bring up these type of men because that's who I primarily want to help.

Even having a muscular build is nice and does boost our confidence, if that's our main focus then what'll likely happen is that men who don't have that physique will start to get discouraged that they didn't have that build by a specific time frame that they wanted and we'll compare ourselves (yes men will compare themselves to other men. I've done it before. We're human after all).

The goal of my site is to encourage men to prioritize acquiring having functional strength and a healthy, strong vitality over having a well built physique. The physique that we desire is just the result of our hard work at either the gym or at home..

3. My successes

So in particular I haven't had any success financially because I'm need to do at least two or three more things with my site. For example, I need to verify my website with google, I have to post more frequently and consisitenly (which I just started getting into the habit of), and I need to make sure that my SEOs are effiecient enough where I'm ranked at the 1st page so that I can generate traffic.

But havinf said that, I am proud of how my site over all turned out. I've had people comment on my posts and share their thoughts on the topic which is something that I'm going to be looking foward to even more in the times to come.

4. Goals for next 3 months

Within the next month to three months I want to already start promoting now that my site is complete in terms of creating a solid foundation.

I want to start joing affiliate programs provided that I continue refining my website and posting on a consistent basis.

5. Goals for the next 6 months

Basically the same as the previous goal for the next three months except with one difference. I want to be making at least a minimum of $5,000 monthly from promoting affiliate links and I know that it can be done as long as I work hard as working smart and that I stay driven and disciplined.

Anyways I look foward to working with all of you further. If you're interested in the subject regarding my niche and what I have to discuss concerning health and fitness for men check out my site Men's Healthy Fitness or and share your thoughts in the comment section of each post.

Side note that picture on the top is not me. I'm actually a slender young man (for now) which is why I chose to discuss the topic on men's health and fitness in a different see ya.

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