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December 17, 2019
Thank you for reading "A Simple Struggle" by Justinspire. If you have not yet read part one of the series, I suggest reading it here: proceeding with this post. Thank you for your time. I am humbled that you are here. So let's get to it.I was raised by a couple of hippies. I mean, the story they tell about how they met goes like this:I saw him sitting in his front yard from my bedroom window. He was just sitting thei
December 16, 2019
A Story Of OvercomingHey there,Thank you for reading "A Simple Struggle" by Justin Rogers(Justinspire)This is an autobiography that will be coming in a series of blog posts within the next few months. Please come back weekly to read more about the simple struggle that is my life.Let's Get Started | Birth - 5 yearsI was born a healthy and pissed off 9 pound 5 ounce baby on Aug 11, 1982.My parents were married 8 months at the time and they weren't prepared for a son like me.From day one they knew
November 18, 2019
Empathizing Creates TrustToday I wrote a facebook post that went like this:..."Hello FriendsI know how badly I hate spam, or spamish content, so I want you to know that I share this information with a heart filled with empathy. Empathy to all of us good people living paycheck to paycheck and just barely making it through the month.I am extremely excited to say that the days of hoping and worrying if my bills will be paid and I'll still have gas money is over.This is due to my motivated nature,
October 30, 2019
My Wealthy Affiliate Journey (To This Point)So this is how it's gonna be? I see how it is. Y'all Affiliate Marketers out there are all doing it. And it's simply amazing. What in the $%#^#% am I talking about? Wealthy Affiliate duhhh.Seriously though I have been through so many training modules on so many other sites. Without a shadow of a doubt the training on the Wealthy Affiliate Program has helped me in ways that no other training has and I'm eternally great full. From Day OneThe trai
September 10, 2019
I'VE BEEN FOUND. Google loves Affiliate Success BlueprintPlease visit the website at your convinience. The more unique hits I can get the faster it will be picked up on 1st page. Will you help me? Please comment below when you have visited my site and I will email you a special gift. Thank you so muchJustin Rogers
Wealthy Affiliate ExcitementI can’t help but to be excited. I have only been in the WA program for 3 days and I have told everyone I know about this platform. I know a guy who is 16 years old and has a HUGE appetite for success. I have been working with him to set up a social media following so he can eventually monetize them. When I brought this to his attention today though, he went nuts. He joined on the spot and even started doing his training. Click here to view my post about o
September 03, 2019
Hello WA enthusiasts, My name is Justin and I have never been as excited about a site as I am now about Wealthy Affiliate. The site has everything you could need to start and or expand on an online business. The most impressive aspect is the community of people willing to answer questions and be of assistance in any way.Thank you to all the crew of WA for all your hard work. Cant wait to rank Top Ten soon. :)Sincerely,Justin R,Linktree Instagram.TikTokYouTube