what a welcome change!

Last Update: June 21, 2011

well, it's been 6 days since i joined WA and I'm really learning a lot. and i mean A LOT!! i've learned more about affiliate marketing in this week than I learned in the previous 2 years of watching videos and reading on other sites. i've almost had brain freeze a couple of times from not knowing what step to take next, but there is always a video or WA member there to help. where else can you get that?? this really IS a community and not just a site. i can dig that! considering that no one on here HAS to help you, but they do anyway, i'd say that there are still good people out there in this world. and they seem to do it because they really care and because someone did the same for them. now that's what i call really paying it forward! as i continue to learn, i certainly will help others where i can. who knows? you might be helping the next internet sensation with that billion dollar idea! true help is a welcome change that i find refreshing and i've only seemed to have found it on here. not saying that there aren't other sites that have this, but if there are, i haven't found them yet. after being here, i don't think i even want to look any more! and i'm more than glad to tell anyone that wants to listen that this is the real deal...


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burntout Premium
Your right about the community. It is what sets WA apart from the rest. Good luck in your ventures.
muskyblood Premium
Yea, WA is a nice place and people do help because they care. I see the same people in the forum daily and it is nice to know that when I have a question I will get an honest answer...
Jamie Smith Premium
WA is the real deal, Joe it is great to have you in the family!