on my way...

Last Update: June 16, 2011

I remember hearing a line in some obscure movie years ago that said, "if someone's not helping you on your way, they're in your way." That line has always stuck with me, though i cannot remember, for the life of me, what movie it was even from. I've also come to realize that, at times, i've been IN my own way of being ON my way. With a little(make that a lot of) help from WA, I plan to be on my way here shortly.

I'm really new at this, so I haven't yet begun to see what i can really do. And that excitement has me like a kid on Christmas morning! I'm raring to go. There is so much information here, but it all looks to be geared toward on thing, and that's SUCCESS! I thought i was on the right track a couple of years ago, but I had the wrong vehicle. I think I have found the right vehicle here, so I hope to tear the track up! Much success to everyone here!


I'm aiming for the sun, but even if I miss, I'll still be among the stars. And I have my favorite Nike shirt on, which reminds me to "Just Do It."

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