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June 22, 2011
so, it's been exactly a week since i joined here and i feel like i'm light-years away from where i was 7 days ago as far as knowledge of affiliate marketing goes(my old english teacher would kill me for that run-on sentence). anyway, what i've seen at WA in both the information and the people is just mind-blowing! it really is. i have to admit that when i first saw a couple of reviews about this place, i was skeptical. that's just because almost everybody's online pitch&
June 21, 2011
well, it's been 6 days since i joined WA and I'm really learning a lot. and i mean A LOT!! i've learned more about affiliate marketing in this week than I learned in the previous 2 years of watching videos and reading on other sites. i've almost had brain freeze a couple of times from not knowing what step to take next, but there is always a video or WA member there to help. where else can you get that?? this really IS a commu
June 16, 2011
I remember hearing a line in some obscure movie years ago that said, "if someone's not helping you on your way, they're in your way." That line has always stuck with me, though i cannot remember, for the life of me, what movie it was even from. I've also come to realize that, at times, i've been IN my own way of being ON my way. With a little(make that a lot of) help from WA, I plan to be on my way here shortly. I'm really new at this, so I haven't yet beg