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my name's Joseph and i live in Kansas City, though i was born in California and my family's roots are in North Carolina. my dad was in the army, so i've gotten to see a lot of the world, though i was too young to appreciate it like i should. loved the travel, but hated the moving constantly and always being the "new kid" in school.

i love to play sports(mainly basketball and softball, since im getting older). i also love to fish and play poker and have been in front of a computer for as long as i can remember, starting in grade school. time to put some of that knowledge to use! providing a great life for my daughters(17, 7, 5, and 4) keeps me motivated to succeed in this affiliate marketing.

i'm a diehard Kansas City Chiefs fan. but, i'm not diehard enough to spend a brutally cold winter Sunday to watch them in person. i also love my Kansas Jayhawks, though they let me down EVERY April in the tournament.

i look to learn a lot here at WA and interact with other members! i see a lot of success stories here and someday hope to be one of them. i know it will take hard work, but i'm not afraid of that and i'm ready!!

i was told not too long ago that "good things come to those who wait, but great things come to those who work at it." time to live that...
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webkab Premium
Welcome to WA. There's lots of info on this site so don't let it blow your mind. Follow the 30 training offered here and also go to WAbinars and go to Affiliate Walk Through parts 1 & 2. There it will put it all together for you. I also suggest going to potpiegirls blog. She good. MUCH SUCCESS.
amohawkblend Premium
Welcome! I've been in for a few weeks now. Still feeling it out. I think it's good for newbies to share any helpful hints with eachother since we are at the same place in education. If you have questions maybe I have already found the answer and vice versa. It's alot to read and like you I want to start making money ASAP. Good Luck!
just joe Premium
thanks for the welcome! i've made it a point to myself to touch on everyone's page that i see that has joined today in hopes that we can all be successful together. there's nothing like a good support network, especially when we are all trying to get to the same place...success! thanks again.
Labman Premium
Welcome to WA
just joe Premium
thanks for the welcome!
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
just joe Premium
thanks. appreciate the welcome!
just joe Premium
hello, everyone! my name is Joseph and i just joined WA today. im looking forward to getting immersed in affiliate marketing, as i have a friend whose brother makes great money doing this. but, he also said he values the free time he has more than the money. overall, i guess it's not the money, but what the money allows you to do for yourself. i want to get to that point in my life.

i love to play basketball, fish, play poker, and spend time with my kids. i look forward to making some friends here as i build a business. from some of the comments i've already read, people seem so helpful to each other here. that has got to keep one motivated even in tough times! to paraphrase the beatles, "you get by with a little help from your friends..."