My First Year at W.A. Coming to an End........fighting procrastination

Last Update: July 07, 2014

WOW! How time flies when you're learning and creating.

It is coming up on my first year here with W.A. Have I made the big time.No. Did I become rich and famous? No. Am I disappointed with this? No.

I love this community. I love the training.

My only regret, is my procrastination. Yes, it is my biggest weakness. I'm not lazy, I'm actually the opposite, which is just as bad and just as distracting. (Some say it could be OCD) (smile)..maybe a little.

I like everything to be done, to be neat and organized, I love being with my kids, I love volunteering at the school I work at, I love spending time with my husband, I love gardening, I love a clean house, I love creating, and I love learning. Pretty sure I'm missing something, but you get the idea.

I don't always make room for things that help me get to where I want/need to be. But you know...........that's just an excuse.

It took me almost the whole year to realize what niche I wanted to stick with. Seriously. I think I started and had built six websites. Then I would delete them because I just didn't think I could do it. I just didn't think I could make it interesting enough or that people would like it.

We also had a little financial downfall just before Christmas which put me in a terrible brain fog. I was frustrated. I almost quit Wealthy Affiliate. Almost.

I would write ideas in my head, and imagine how great they would be to share, but just didn't use the time I had wisely. I'd clean or just find something else that needed tending to, even though most of the time it could have waited. Another excuse.

Then sometime in February I started a Facebook page on my niche, I wanted to commit to posts at a small scale for a while. I still took my courses and actually started to understand how all those keywords and computer lingo worked even on FB. Then one night after I logged onto my Google+ account that I started quite while ago, I notice all the views, even though I had not posted anything in a very long time. So I started another Google+ (yes you can have more than one) under my niche and started posting. The results were amazing. So then I was ready, that fire was lit, I needed to make a website. So one night, in four hours, with all the training and a lot of my own knowledge, up went the site. (BTW) It was June by the time this happened.

Now don't get me wrong, I have a lot more work to do and more to learn, but I have finally after a year committed to a niche I love to talk about. I'm also getting ready to start two more, one for items I create and one to actually.....share thoughts like this. Personal with few to no ads.

I'm definitely ready for the next year and many more to come.

My thoughts to those newbies reading this, just don't give up. stay focused. But if you loose track, it's okay, life happens. Just get back on.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

P.S. The niche I chose is a controversial one. But I have passion for it. I will write another blog about it soon. Don't judge!

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Sese777 Premium
I actually like your topic. With the way the world is going your niche is more relevant now than ever. Keep up the good work :)
JunkieDeb Premium
Thank you!
Kyle Premium Plus
A few things that I will always remain very consistent on in respect to success:

(1) Action leads to the creation of your business. Without it, nothing happens. Procrastination is definitely a deterrent of this (and don't worry, we all do it to a certain degree).

(2) Your hard work now always pays off later. Unlike a "job", your efforts are not paid by the hour. They are paid as you build out your business and the results you see from your work now will come down the road...always. Some more immediate than others, but instant results don't happen when you are building out your business.

(3) Persistence is a beautiful thing. To this day I have never seen someone fail that didn't quit.

I think your attitude is amazing and your perspective is very sound Deborah. You are a year ahead in the game, you have a year of brilliant knowledge and relationships and you have an upcoming year to really look forward too.

I can't wait to see where you take your business in the year ahead!
JunkieDeb Premium
Thank you.
Timshazz Premium
Looks like a really interesting niche and I'm sure it will get lots of traffic. I was laughung the other day because one of my tweets about the highest building in saigon was titled "let's get high in saigon" got more hits to my website than any other tweet I've posted :)
JunkieDeb Premium
I guess it was those "keywords" you used. (smile)
TheHammer Premium
Hey Deborah... Great post and thanks for sharing your story... Please don't feel bad... well it doesn't look like you do lol ... about taking so long to decide on a niche... It took me ages as well to finally commit and then go down that route. It is part of the journey I guess...

I had to first believe that building an online business was a possible route for me to take before I could actually get results so I would also find other things to get done instead... Fear of the unknown and not believing I had value to share were my main obstacles.

Everything we do is a habit.... EVERYTHING... So your "procrastination" or finding other things to do has nothing to do with being "lazy" and all that... Is all a habit and can be changed with a little bit of persistence and dedication... Which Rocks! It seems you have something that you like to talk about which also helps and that is awesome... It is a great topic and people can do well learning the truth behind it and then making an intelligent educated decision.

Good for you and keep it up and I'm looking forward to seeing how your site grows!!
JunkieDeb Premium
Thank you, I was very skeptical about sharing this niche here. But the more I learn ( I have a stack of books right next to me to reference from) the more my confidence builds. I know there will be haters out there, but that okay. I'm ready.
TheHammer Premium
Sometimes going out on the extremes to be successful is the only way and the extreme can be a very risky place. Great thing about being out in the extreme means action was taken and the universe always rewards actions.

Good for you!

As you say, there are always going to be haters out there. If you follow the 80/20 principle then not all audience members are equal and we really only need to care the most for the 20% :)
Kelly999 Premium
That's awesome!
JunkieDeb Premium
Thank You!