I Read to Write

Last Update: July 18, 2014

Ever get writer's block? I know I sure do. I have good days, then bad days, then great days and then......nothing.

So what do I do when this happens, I read.

Sometimes I read information about my niches to help me add material to my blogs. However most of the time to find that creative side I'm looking for, I read books, mainly fiction novels.

I pick books, I guess the same way someone would pick a blog or website to like or follow.

I'm attracted to a certain genre and I am very particular about the writing. If the book does not pull me in and grab my attention, then I'm putting it down and reaching for a different book.

I believe this is exactly what most folks do on the internet. If my writing does not engage anyone, why would they stay and read it.

So today's book is Something Wicked this Way Comes. Hard read at first, lot of dialog used, but it has now pulled me in and I will probably have it finished by tomorrow.

I have read six novels in the past year and I can always tell when I'm reading, my writing is much more interesting.

This is how I solve my writer's block. How do you solve yours? Anyone?

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AnubisVI Premium
Love your post :) - When I'm writing for my niche, I typically read related material on other blogs or watch documentaries...I really should start picking up books again though.
Thanks for blogging!