I'm Enjoying All of This Wonderful Training!

Last Update: August 31, 2013

I thought I write my first blog post within the walls of Wealthy Affiliate today.

I just wanted to share that because of some researching I was doing on the internet a few months ago about another internet site (Empower Network), I stumbled onto Kyle's blog, "Ways to Avoid Scams Online"

I was really worried I had been duped, and I had. Kyle's clear, personal responses made it easy to see that there are really ways to make money online with just the right training and drive. The month I spent learning NOTHING, literally nothing with the Empower Network. was sad. I had almost given up hope that there was anyone out there that would provide 'HONEST" work from home training.

The idea of working from home has been in my head since my son was born, sixteen years ago.

Over the years I've self taught myself all my internet skills. And now because of Wealthy Affiliate, I feel I can now make those work from dreams actually come true.

I'm truly excited and I hope that many others will find their dreams through the training here at Wealthy Affiliate.

That's it for now:) Thanks!

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JunkieDeb Premium
Thank you all, your encouragement always helps to keep me going.
jespinola Premium
Hey Deborah. Just I would like to say welcome to WA. As Richard Said We have some members here that waster his money in EN.

WA is a legit Bussiness and will learn all All About how to start a online Bussiness.

Follow the training, advices in Post and Discussiones. If you have any doubt just ask ask & ask. :)

once again welcome to WA
dwdad99 Premium
I for one am a EN refugee as RICH put it. I found that investing my money monthly into my training and conversing with the community will pay for itself. You will not find an upsale here at every corner.
Thank goodness for honest people.
LisB247 Premium
Hi, I am glad you found WA. It is the only place on the internet that really helps people to start their own businesses. Good luck with your new start in internet market.
@RICH. Premium
Brilliant. I'm sad to say we have many "refugees" from EN here at WA who've lost money, sometimes substantial amounts, to that worthless pyramid blogging scam. Here's wishing you every success in founding your own online business by following the training here, rather than blogging away on their useless platform. WA is definitely a "wussy" free zone. :) Rich.