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September 22, 2020
Yes, I'm back. Not that anyone really noticed I was gone. It's only been about three months and I said I would never come wrong I was. WA is like an old reliable friend. Familar, safe and huge community of helping hands. It has been an off and on adventure for seven years. I think just didn't know exactly what it was I wanted to achieve, so I took the time during this awful year and reflected. I came to terms and grew just a bit more. WA is a bit more work and you know what? It's w
December 24, 2014
No matter what you celebrate, or if you choose to not celebrate, I just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday! I also want to wish everyone a wonderful and prosperous New Year! May 2015 bring you success and joy!
August 06, 2014
Me and my family heading to the coast for a small camping trip this past week. The weather was cool and the air was fresh. Sometimes breaks like this help me regroup. I've been really busy the past two months getting courses done and building my first successful website. However, I will soon (in a week) be headed back to work in a classroom. I do not mind, but it does distract me from my goals sometimes. I get sucked into the drama and the dulling of senses. It was not always this way, but as t
July 18, 2014
Ever get writer's block? I know I sure do. I have good days, then bad days, then great days and then......nothing. So what do I do when this happens, I read. Sometimes I read information about my niches to help me add material to my blogs. However most of the time to find that creative side I'm looking for, I read books, mainly fiction novels. I pick books, I guess the same way someone would pick a blog or website to like or follow. I'm attracted to a certain genre and I am very particular abou
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WOW! How time flies when you're learning and creating. It is coming up on my first year here with W.A. Have I made the big time.No. Did I become rich and famous? No. Am I disappointed with this? No. I love this community. I love the training. My only regret, is my procrastination. Yes, it is my biggest weakness. I'm not lazy, I'm actually the opposite, which is just as bad and just as distracting. (Some say it could be OCD) (smile)..maybe a little. I like everything to be done, to be neat and o
March 14, 2014
I have to admit my downfall in life is socializing. I'm more of a listener, than talker and I certainly do not have the salesman approach to anything. Nor do I enjoy being pursued by salesman type characters. I joined Wealthy Affiliate because I found that Kyle was not trying to up sell me anything. He made it seem as though the choice to join and upgrade was my own. I was never left to feel guilty and never treated unworthy. These days qualities like this are hard to find. I have learned mor
I thought I write my first blog post within the walls of Wealthy Affiliate today. I just wanted to share that because of some researching I was doing on the internet a few months ago about another internet site (Empower Network), I stumbled onto Kyle's blog, "Ways to Avoid Scams Online" I was really worried I had been duped, and I had. Kyle's clear, personal responses made it easy to see that there are really ways to make money online with just the right training and drive. The month I spent l