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Hello to All WA Business Partners!I finally wrote a review about our business Wealthy Affiliate and I hope to getmore traffic to it. I see an increase or spike already especially with my Alexa rank.Before it was 0 then to 23,000,000 millions and it was 8,534,672 right now!I include a screenshot on my rankings at Alexa here.UPDATE TO MY ALEXA RANKING NOW WAS! 6,447,045 It's now even done the end of this Month of May and went down my ranking to 2 Million...Awesome feeling :-)Thank you, WA for
April 04, 2016
Hi Everyone!I just came back for Spring Break Vacation and looks who's joining with me?Please welcome my new friend Willie aka Moochie85 at WA Family! Show some love and feel him at home here at WA....Thanks guys and gals :-)I hope he will stay and learn here and at the same time make money online.Thanks for the Love :-)Be a Blessing,Julius OriasOwner/
Hello WA community and friends,I am back with our Family Cruise Vacation but not in Mexico. It end upto Disneyland...Why Julius :-( One of my wife document are sad...But anyway, kids loved it staying at the hotel and of courseat Disney ride :-) and Yeah! We had a good time too :-) You know...Lol :-)ENSENADA, MEXICO CRUISE...HMMM NOPE..!!!INSTEAD WE END UP HERE AT DISNEYLAND MEETING OUR FRIENDS THERE :-)WELL, THERE IS ANOTHER TIME FOR CRUSING, RIGHT? Glad to be back and blessin
Hello Team WA,I just want to let you know that I will be out of town starting tomorrow Thursday, March 31, 2016. My family and another 7 families in my church are going out for Cruise to Mexico.Hey, it's my first time to do some getaway with family and I would like to give thanks to all my friends and church that finally we can join with them at this time. There been doing it every year on Spring Break. If anyone have questions or help? I will be back on Sunday night but I will be online Monda
It's been a long day to me and up to now I am still awake at 2:14 am to be exact.Anyway, I just want to thank you for the support that my website is up and running again. And also, I would like to thank the community for checking it also. My mentor and partner JasonHeard thank you, bro, also for your help.Again, thank you WA Support Team and the Community!Blessing,Julius OriasOwner/
Hey Everyone!Please welcome my new business partner John! :-) Give him a shout out and love to this Awesome Community.Feel him at home and I am trying my best to help him also ifhis lost on anything. Thank you all and have a blessed week!Be bless,Julius OriasOwner/
One of my content posted on March 2, 2016, I just found out today that it was on the First page and on #5 placement. Wow! I don't know when how long that was been setting but I just check it Anyway, I just want to share that with everyone :-)Out of About 2,670,000 search results....Feel Free to check it out? Affiliate Rocks!Be bless,~Julius
Hello Wealthy Affiliate Family,I just want to thank you for all the help here at WA community. My site are makingprogress right? I just need to write more content and that is one of my, as you know....this domain name I purchased thissince 2010 and began to put some content and abandoned this in just 2 years..andlost all of it.And now! I'm building it with scratch but with all the help here and the training it would be solid and lifetime :-) Again, thank
Hi everyone,Here I am once again and needed your help, feedback and attention to my website. It's been almost a month after I upgrade premium and I guess I'm doing pretty good right? LoL...Anyway, I just want to sharewhat I am up to now and hoping to write more content to my blog. But the problem is I am not a good writer :-) and a busy dad....hmm..Well, thank you to all of you that helping me here at know who you are :-)My Money Maker Sites blog-->http://www.Moneymakersites.comChee
Hello everyone!I just want to say thank you to all and also for the Owner or CEO's of this community business. Thank you for your talent and generosity to all of us that we canenjoy and one day I will be Full Time doing what I love to do as an Affiliate Marketerand a Blogger. I appreciate you guys very much Kyle and Carson we love you!Much success to all of us in life, good health, more abundant from finances, thru WA we will succeed together as a Family!Our Success in 2016,~Julius