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November 30, 2019
Yes, I am very HAPPY to report that the positive vibes generated here in this wonderfully supportive community is infectious and spreading outwardly. My husband has secured himself a rather wonderful Directorship with a new company providing lots of added bonuses which has made him (& me) very happy. This chance position dropped into his lap when he received a phone call a number of weeks ago from an ex-Employer who he had worked with for about 7 years but had left just under 4 years ago.
This post is my 60th one that I have written here at WA and comes 77 days after I first went premium on 12th August 2019. As some of you may already be aware I do love a good number synchronicity so it is very fitting given what the number 77 represents that I took the opportunity to invest in my future for 2020 and beyond and clicked the Amazing Black Friday Deal so generously offered by both Kyle and Carson. "the meaning of number 77 is that now is the right time to be bold and brave. This i
Tomorrow Thursday 28th November is American Thanksgiving Day celebrated by so many globally around the world. It is a timely reminder to all of us regardless of nationality to give thanks for our many blessing, and important to remember to "give thanks" to "express gratitude" and to "be kind". For those of you who will be celebrating tomorrow and who are blessed to be sharing a thanksgiving meal around the table with friends and/or family (or indeed around any dinner table) I'd like to share w
November 26, 2019
The power is within us all to be game changers, the question we tap into it, or just let someone else be it? Game changers care about people and their progress. They teach, support and build up others. They don't do it for money, or recognition, but simply because they love people. After all, true game changers know that everything they have, they received; so they simply pay it forward.I like to think this community is filled with game changers, just all at various different levels, bu
November 24, 2019
I've not been around much this weekend I have been very busy with family and today I embarked on a transformation with a dynamic team of 3 other ladies, the end result blew me away and I was so honoured to be part of it. Santa came earlyMy daughters school held their annual Christmas Fair a community event and one of their fundraisers. As chairperson I had ran this event the last 2 years. However this year I was asked to help create the Santa's Grotto Experience. I was thrilled as these ladie
November 22, 2019
It dawned on me recently that as a English speaker my day to day conversation is loaded with idioms. It's the absolute norm for me and I don't even realise I am doing it. I'm not sure it comes across in my writing, perhaps the odd time but I think it's predominatly a verbal expression. That got me thinking do they occur as frequent in every other language? Or are they lost in translation? I know in the gaelige language there are many idioms as we are taught when I was in school. And an ab
November 21, 2019
There are so many different cultures and languages living here at WA and I am sure there are countless way in which you ALL express your thanks, given as young children it is one of the first things our parents and guardians teach us. Thank you is important in every language. And as humans we all know that being told you are appreciated is one of the simpliest and most uplifting things you can hear. So...I would just like to take this opporunity, to say....THANK all of you here at WA
November 18, 2019
Are you ready for the new decade? In 44 days time we shall enter a new decade - the year 2020. We all know that 20/20 vision is a term that is generally used to express normal visual acuity and if you are blessed with 20/20 vision you have clear and sharp vision. Given, 20/20 is just around the corner, what is your vision for the coming year?“Failing to plan is planning to fail” ~Alan LakeinPlanning for your future success before this year is finished makes sense. There is no point
I remember when I made the decision to purchase my own website domain and invest seriously in my future business. Although I was happy to avail of the free siterubix website I had found a website name that fitted beautifully with my niche and quickly embarked on transferring my free siterubix website across to my newly purchased domain - all very seamless. I created as we are all encouraged in the training to create a specific domain email address which adds that extra touch of professionalism
November 15, 2019
When we all first joined WA we did so as individuals...and in some cases hopeful and eager to experience something different and in other cases to experience an opportunity to learn - perhaps something way outside our comfort become a successful online business owner! Within a very short space of time it became apparent that we are not alone! That out there in the WORLD WIDE WEB...we have found our kin, a community of like-minded individuals waiting to welcome us into the fold. To su