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During this month of being kind to your mind and to others, I would love to invite you all to take a sticky there's one for everyone in the audience. I wrote some positive affirmations today and left them around the house for my family to find inside wardrobe doors and kitchen presses, on mirrors, on the fridge and notice board etc. Simple yet effective way to spread some positive vibes among my family and so I wanted to extend the positive energy to you my tribe - hence the post! So grab a {
February 02, 2020
Today is 2nd of February 2020 - or 02/02/2020 This is known as a rare Palindrome date which means it’s the only date this century that reads the same backward and forward around the world where you have the complete year number on the right” and the month and day can be swapped. (Written as MM/DD/YEAR or DD/MM/YEAR) not matter what continent you live in. I believe in some parts of the world it is also known as Super Bowl Sunday and Groundhog Day :-)Coincidentally today is also the
I came across a piece of training today that was of great value to me and I just wanted to share it here in case one of you kind souls might be in need of it.I was writing a post on my website as I wanted to share the February calendar (from my earlier blog) which I had created to inspire some daily random acts of kindness for my readers, when I realised that the image I had uploaded was hard to read on my mobile device. It occured to me that if I could link it as an image or a pdf. it might b
February 01, 2020
Welcome to the 1st day of February, a new month and an extra day for us all to be extraordinarily awesome this month at home, work or play. Random Acts of Kindness Week runs from the 16th-23rd, and on Monday 17th February we mark Random Acts of Kindness Day. We all have a wonderful opportunity to spread a little extra kindness this month. “Your one random act of kindness may not change the world but it might make a difference in the life of someone today”~ Maria KoszlerI've created
One of my mantra's is every day is a gift - that is why it is called the "present" and often we do not fully appreciate each individual day as just that. "The older I get, the better I understand that every day is a gift" ~ Joel OsteenSometimes we're waiting for tomorrow or next week/month/year because we have something earmarked for those dates, and other times we are longing for our yesterdays because we have good memories of those days. Today 31st January is National Hot Chocolate Day which
January 29, 2020
So according to the weekly Grammarly insights update on my writing stats for last week, I have achieved the noble title of HerculeanI first joined Grammarly on the 3rd of November 2019 some 12 weeks ago and in that time Grammarly has checked 149,386 words (35,537 words in the last week), in my book that averages out to just under 12,500 words written per week.Each week I receive a weekly update from Grammarly and it always amazes me when I check the stats, especially on those weeks when family
I've recently been concentrating my efforts on SEO (trying to improve what little knowledge and understanding I have on the subject) along with checking my published content statistics from both of my web pages. To be frank I don't check the stats all that often, but now and then I look at Google Analysis or Search Console all in an effort to gleam something that might jump off the screen and shout success at me ;-) I'm happy enough with the figures given the youth of my sites and I'm happier s
January 22, 2020
I published a blog recently on my website and while I was writing it I realised something about myself. Does that ever happen to you? The "lightblub" moment...when it dawns on you that you're not who you thought you were, but a lot more!My blog was based upon the dreaded "P" word - the robber of quality time!"Procrastination is the thief of time" ~ Edward YoungWe all know it is a constant battle to overcome when the P word sets in, but really trying to fight it is quite futile. The trick is t
January 21, 2020
Huh? What on earth does that title mean, I hear you ask...It's simple really and very easy to remember. Today's lesson is brought to you by - *Site Comments*!! Yes I have purchased myself some site comment credits recently to use for 2 new posts on both of my websites and was treated to the true delights of various different comments from the WA community. So firstly can I just extend my thanks and gratitude to those of you who may have contributed! However I noticed during this exercise tha
Given we are now 20 days into the new year I expect some of us if not all of us are busy working on our goals for the coming year. I created my 2020 (1st qtr) long term goals in early November - early I know but given it was my first time to actually write down a set of long term goals, some might say I was late to the party ;-)I check on them every now and again to see if I'm on track, some I've not done as well as others but I'm not worried as I know adding a second website into the mix was