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I've not been online much lately along with my self imposed attempt to reduce my screen time during the lenten period there are a whole host of other distractions closer to home that have been much more important to tend to. When I logged into today for the first time in a week I had no real intention of posting anything but my mind was changed for me when I spied a sequence of numbers on my appears I have 888 followers in my network! The number 888 in numerolgy is the number of c
Sunday March 8th marks International Women's Day. This day is a global celebration of women's social, economic, cultural, political and personal achievements of all women.A perfect day if you will to call to action women's equality in a male dominated world. On that subject I was recently recommended a book by a female friend called "Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men" by Caroline Criado Perez. I downloaded it to my Amazon Audible library, as listening to books is
Today 25th February 2020 is Shrove Tuesday also known as Pancake Tuesday, Mardi Gras day or Fat Tuesday. A little history if you will:Shrove Tuesday (which derives from the word Shrive, meaning to “absolve”) is a moveable date and usually occurs in February or March depending on what date Easter falls, which is a moveable feast. Pancake Tuesday is the day immediately preceding the first day of Lent or Ash Wednesday, which is a 40-day fasting period.In some countries Mardi Gras is
February 16, 2020
This post is inspired by a fellow WA member @cathyallen who very kindly give me the idea when she commented on my post from earlier this month. Given today begins the Random Acts of Kindness Week I thought it might be nice to highlight 10 ways this week how we among the WA community can show random acts of kindness to our fellow WA members. Adding WA members to your network;Welcoming new members to WA;Congratulating WA members on Badges earned;Answering those questions that go unanswered, helpi
In doing my research for this article I discovered so many traditions from around the globe that completely intrigued me and which differs somewhat to those traditions I experienced as a young girl growing up in Ireland on St Valentine’s Day – 14th February.I’ve shared a link here if you wish to have a read. A few snaps shot of the various global traditions, do you recognise any?Growing up in Ireland as a young girl and having a secret admirer was very exciting, especially aro
February 12, 2020
I have a question...or two...that I'm hoping one or more of you will be able to offer advice on!I recently came across a podcast platform called Anchor FM and I am interested to learn if anyone here in the community has any experience of using this platform to record podcasts?AnchorFM boasts that it is the only app that lets you record high-quality podcast and distribute it everywhere – all in one place. There is no prior podcasting experience necessary and no expensive equipment require
This place continues to amaze me each and every day! I wanted to share with you the community a little of the synchronicity that happened to me today, as some of you may know I do love a bit of correlation now and then. It's a tricky one - so please bear with me ;-)So earlier today I was in the process of sharing a newly published article from my website to my social media accounts, spreading the love as it were, when the magic happened. I had logged into my Twitter account and was in the proc
Emotions we all have them - the good, the bad and the ugy as Clint Eastwood says! But, just how much attention to you pay to your emotions, do you often suppress the negative and promote the positive? In a world where we are encouraged to be more positive, does that mean the negative emotions are victimised?If you think of the bucket of emotions that we carry around as our internal GPS system with a red and green signal it is vitally important that we give the same amount of importance to each
February 07, 2020
Happy Habits is not a contradiction in terms but rather an acknowledgment of practicing something often enough ( 21 days in a row) which allows it to become a life forming habit. Growing up as a child "habits" were usually referred to as being "BAD" or "unsavoury" and always with a need to "give them up" or "break them". Funny how times and mindsets change.Happy habits in my world today almost often refer to the positives e.g. a habit of expressing gratitude, a habit of eating healthy or a habi
February 06, 2020
7th February 2020 marks 6 months since I first joined Wealthy Affiliate. To coin a phrase my "Journey into the Unknown" has without doubt been a magnificent voyage of self-discovery and learning, and I am forever grateful to have found this wonderfully positive, uplifting and engaging corner of the internet. On my journey I have re-discovered a love for the written word and storytelling, something I hadn’t truly thought about or explored since my mainstream education years….a long