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Last Update: June 17, 2015

Hi there, for a while I have been asking questions about the WA hosting specifications. I checked through this community and observed that some persons have also sought for this information.

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Hang on, and read this before posting your question.

Based on my findings and Kyles personal replies to my messages, I observed that there is no medium stating the full specifications of websites hosted with WA so I have decided to compile my findings to help you know what your website specifications entail.

So, what are the specifications of websites hosted at WA?

When you create and host your website with WA, you get the following for your website:

Media management (screenshots, images, videos). You can upload videos, images and any kind of multi media to the site easily with a user friendly media management.

Drag and drop functionalities

Built in FTP program for easy file transfer to a web server

Simple component, page and site duplication

Template swapping

Banner/ Header swapping

Unlimited email accounts

100% uptime guaranteed

24/7 unlimited support

24/7 website monitoring

Wordpress integration

Over 3000 free themes

Access to over 36,000 premium plug-ins

Spam and malware protection

Hacker policy protection

Secure hosting

Unlimited storage

Site is adaptable to any screen size

Unlimited bandwidth

Secure servers

State of the art hosting

You can easily move your websites from one domain to another

Full redundancy (100% backed- up to the minute)

Automated recovery process

Personal website monitoring and performance

Removal of unwanted plugins and themes

Comment spam management and behavioural assessment

Management of site easily adapts to the latest version of Wordpress site.

WA uses amazon servers

Turn key Affiliate Program

Easy Squeeze page creation

WA servers are located in Ashburn VA, in the United Sates with the IP address

I hope this is useful.

Kindly leave a feedback.


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giftyafd Premium
This is very useful. Was looking for bandwidth info. I am kindly asking to use some info here for my review. Hope you don't mind :=)
whitsunday Premium
Thanks for this great post. I will use this information for sure when I am writing about website hosting at WA. Details like these are like gold to a comparison blog. Thanks for the great work.
Judetayo Premium
Its welcome
sag3 Premium
Great list of benefits to the WA Platform and the list keeps growing every day.
Judetayo Premium
Cant agree less
Spikything Premium
This is great info. Definitely helps sell why you want to have WA host your website!
Judetayo Premium
You're right Spikything. This would help anyone market WA hosting better