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April 01, 2017
Just to encourage someone out there. It truly takes dedication to build a lasting business. Here is to everyone that has made this community worth the while.Cheers
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Hi there, for a while I have been asking questions about the WA hosting specifications. I checked through this community and observed that some persons have also sought for this information.You might also want to ask a similar question. Hang on, and read this before posting your question.Based on my findings and Kyles personal replies to my messages, I observed that there is no medium stating the full specifications of websites hosted with WA so I have decided to compile my findings to help you
May 02, 2015
I just completed the first course at the affiliate bootcamp. I must confess, it took me sometime but it was worthwhile. I built a successful website with contents that are still generating comments. I've learnt alot and im still getting better.Now,it's time to go for the 10 days break.Well, what will I be doing in 10 days. Of course, I've set a none financial goal to write at least 5 posts during the recess.Anyway,I'm not observing the recess.Affiliate bootcamp,course 2,here I come.It's been fun
You know I was studying the training under the 'understanding how you buy stuff is powerful' and I affirmed that my last online purchase was upgrading to the WA premium membership. A question was asked 'Was the price an issue for you, why or why not? Here were the answers I gave: The price was an issue because I could not pay it at that instant The price was not an issue because of the benefits I was going to get. Really, there are lots of benefits Im getting from this programme. It's truly whe