Why Do Most People Quit MLM

Last Update: March 22, 2015

Are you exhausted from having to recruit and train new downlines endlessly,

only to feel demoralised at the end of the month when they decide to just give up and quit on you?

Very often, it can seem like you're trying too hard to fill a leaking bucket when it comes to building a downline.

Imagine how much less painful MLM can be if you don't have to do all the prospecting, training and selling but still get to grow your downline.

Sounds too good to be true?

I felt the same way, until it happened to me.

And I'm going to explain how you can also do the same for your business,
even if you're brand new.

I know you've been sold on the grand MLM dream of being fin.ancially free
while working as little as possible, and having all the time in the world to spend
with your family and kids.

But only to be disappointed when you end up spending 12 hours a day
attending so-called company "trainings" which are nothing more than ...

- feel good motivational talks filled with fluff,
- wasting time on the phone with annoyed and unqualified leads,
- having prospects who don't show up to your meetings,
- spending hours and days on downlines who eventually quit and leave your team,
- and made to feel like a loser watching the top recruiter being applaud on stage while receiving his fat comm.ission cheque.

If you're struggling to build a team right now, its not your fault.
I was once in your situation.

Unlike what most of your uplines like to tell you, the reason why so many network marketers fail is not because they lack motivation and desire to succeed.

If you think about it, you'll realise that you've been spreading yourself too thin,
doing too many things at the same time.

Things like...

- cold calling leads
- making a list of your warm market
- using your own time and money on prospecting,
- spending time doing presentations and trainings for your downlines,
- even before you know if they're serious about the business.

This is why so many people, including you and some of your hardworking downlines are struggling to build a team and make more sales.

Truth is, you can choose not to do any of the above and still grow a large, and highly profitable team.

Many other network marketers are using systems to automate their prospecting, recruiting and training right now.

The good news is that you can do it too, even if you are
- brand new in network marketing
- have no experience with recruiting and training downlines
- and have never built or used an automated system before

With an automated system that does all of the prospecting, presentation, training and selling for you, things become so much easier and less overwhelming.

All you are left to do now is to send traffic and leads to your system and let the system do all the hard work.

Now, wouldn't that triple your productivity and be less exhausting and frustrating since you wouldn't be wasting time on prospects who are not serious?

And wouldn't it be easier for you and your downlines to grow your team and start making mo.ney faster while spending less time?

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SStarrs Premium
how do learn more about this
I am a newbie do we learn it at WA
katkatskitchen Premium
No they are by and large get rich quick schemes for the ones at the top, the ones at the bottom get nothing
SStarrs Premium
Hi Katkatskitchen
Thank you for letting me know what kind of scheme it is
I will not be looking at that
katkatskitchen Premium
You are welcome is definitely not part of the wealthy affiliate training though some people do use this training to sell MLM
SStarrs Premium
Thank you for getting back to me
Rich908 Premium
I came across it many years ago but gave it a wide berth - I would not recommend this, its a waste of money - I am in the right place with WA and" if its to be its up to me" to put every effort into making my WA business grow. Why waste time with stones when you have diamonds in your hands?