Empower Network?

Last Update: July 01, 2013
Thoughts, opinions, success, failures with Empower Network?

I know I have the money to get started, but is there too much competition within the program to become another success story? Are the upsells essential to success within the program?

Thank you,

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Viterbi Premium
Hello Justin,

this is a post from Kyle comparing WA vs EN, have a look.


neilrc Premium
Hello Justin

It's also best if you ask this question to someone who has actually been with EN (ME) lol.

I had been with Empower Network for 4 months at only the basic level of only $25 per month thankfully. During those 4 months I posted blog articles and applied the training taught here at WA and it was good for a while as some posts were reaching the first pages of google and I was getting traffic :)

However, after the google updates my posts were sliding down the rankings and the traffic was dropping which was bad.

After the 4 months I had ZERO sales from none EN products, only 3 EN leads and 1 unpaid EN member in my team.

I did have an awesome upline sponsor who was always there if I needed help and who I'm still friends with now.

But I had ZERO personal support from Darren Little who's team I was in AND I also contacted Simon Stepsys (the BIG earner) 3 times, had 1 reply from him asking me who's team I was in and guess what? Received NOTHING from Simon either. Seems to me that the big boys are only in it for themselves!

So, this is why I quit a few days ago and also with thanks to Kyle's scam blog post ;)

If you don't go all in with Empower Newtork, you will get ZERO support from other EN members.

Don't waste your money for ZERO sales in return either...

Stick with WA my friend.
Jeff66 Premium
Yeah. EN is a pyramid scam I wasted some cash on them before common sense finally took over and I got out. They pale in comparison to WA.
Phil52 Premium
Hi Justin. For what my advice is worth (only you can decide) I'm completely with Rich on this one. Don't go near them. I was where you are and about to sign up (due to slick video marketing) and during my thorough research on Empower Network I found Kyle's blog on internet scams. And here I am! No one can tell you what to do Justin but as Rich suggested, read Kyle's blog on this scam and you'll get a much better understanding. You may want to read this on my website as I based this description on Empower's very slick video marketing. http://yourmoneytree.siterubix.com/scam-alerts

The reference to huge mansions and fast cars (on my website) was after I saw the Empower promotional video. It wreaks of a scam like hundreds of others I've seen which have now been shut down by gov. authorities. It's up to you. Good luck!
@RICH. Premium
Hey Phil. The only reason EN hasn't been shut down is the owners fled to Costa Rica to avoid the Feds. Rich.
@RICH. Premium
LOL. Hey Justin. EN is just a scam, a pyramid blogging scam. If you want Kyle's opinion of it, read this: http://waystoavoidscamsonline.com/the-empower-network-ripoff-dont-buy-into-the-hype There are numerous Members here who've lost a lot of money with it before they found WA. If you search "Empower Network" in the search bar, you'll see some of the stories. It's a most definite ***AVOID****!!! Rich.
Phil52 Premium
I hear ya' Rich. Right with ya'. Can't imagine how many scammers must be living in Costa!
WriterLynn Premium Plus
The corporate office is in St. Petersburg, FL near where one of the owners lives and the other owner lives in Costa Rica.
Jtstretch Premium
is it the long haired one that hides in Costa?
WriterLynn Premium Plus
Dave Wood. He travels back and forth to the office in Florida. I think he lived in Costa Rica long before starting EN.

I think the program is a waste of time and money and the only one who benefits from all the money you spend is your sponsor or their sponsor (whoever is next in the convoluted pass-up line).