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I purchased a new domain, having set up the basics of website that only took 15 minutes at most. Receive email from WA that my website is now indexed in Google. What does this mean?The website address that I researched as a popular key phrase. Before, I purchased the domain played around with domain appraisal tools to see value of similar domains. I bought and paid only $13.99 for one-year domain and the appraisals came back as estimated value of $1,299. This is my investment that will be prove
September 15, 2020
Today is my birthday, and just like every other day the first thing I do is check out my progress on Shareasale, Amazon, and Commission Junction. After slow couple of weeks from not earning commission from one sale, today I have a balance 1346.87 on Shareasale from one sale. I will take this birthday surprise with no complaints.Happy Birthday to Me! Success is an awesome reward!