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Which is better Wordpress or Square space?Wordpress seems like it needs alot of coding to make it look the way you want it to look in your mind. I guess that is what a blog is. Square space seems to be more of a template based system where you can see where you are putting your boxes.
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May 14, 2017
Ok so I realized something, I am afraid to succeed at that this. I have been thinking of everything to do before I get to this program. I mean I will even "Waste" a day off before jumping into this. I am writing this at 10pm on a Sunday, my intent is to do something before bed tonight. I write down my "Why's" every day and I feel it in my spirit to use this as an extra income utensil. I know it can be done and I believe in my niche. I CANI WILLI MUST - (Eric Thomas)Succeed at t
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SO I am not much of a Blogger but I guess I need to start putting in the practice. As you can see I have given myself 30 days to make $100 or more! I have learned so much and now its time to put my training in to action. I will be successful!