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This is something that I have to contemplate everyday.It's So Early! My wife wakes up at 5:30 and I get up to see her off at 6am every Monday through Friday. Once she is out the door I am left with a choice to make. Do I get back into bed for a few hours or just stay up and do something? At first I was hopping back in bed and dreaming about who knows what for the next few hours. This was when I was working at a local restaurant in town. Now I am doing the opposite. I am staying up, and wo
October 24, 2013
Sometimes the hardest thing in starting a blog or a website is picking a nicheJust do what you love. It will make it easier to write the bulk of your posts down the road. It may seen interesting to do something you want to learn about; I strongly suggest agains this. Having knowledge about the subject you are going to be writing on will give you authority on the topic. As you write you will learn more about said subject giving you even more knowledge and authority. Readers are going to be able
I like having a custom 404 (not found) error page. This helps us in a few ways: 1. We can express our apologies for providing a broken link 2. We are able to give them something there and explain what they can do now that they found a non existent page. 3. Link back to 'WA' again. 4. We can add our flair; instead of using the browsers default display.How To Create a Custom 404 Page 1. Using FTP download your .htaccess file (make sure you allow your computer to show hidden files or else you won'
October 21, 2013
My last post awab about standing out in Google by creating awesome content. You may be thinking; "How do I know that my content is awesome?" If you are putting your character and personal spin on your posts they are awesome!This is the power of "I am" Only you can say, "I am" for you. No one else can say those words for you. Say to yourself or out loud; "I am awesome", doesn't that feel good? Most of us go through life not telling ourselves anything positive. If you want to create awesome
October 20, 2013
In the world of blogging and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content is king. When it comes to ranking your website with Google they are focusing more on the content of your site then the number of backlinks, keywords, and some other older tactics.What does it take to impress Google? Make awesome content, make it pop, make it sizzle! If you are engaged in your own content then so will you readers. Keep tweaking and updating until you are super impressed with your posts and pages. Don't ever ru
Google Analytics is a great tool. It allows us to track the number of visitors, how many are returning visitors, and even the average length of time they stay on our site. Since the latest update in analytics it can be a little confusing getting it into your WordPress website. So here is a step by step to getting a great plugin to help make it easier. First Download the plugin by Yoast: Now it is time to install the plugin. Go to your WordPress dashboard -> Plugins -> add new Next near th
I finally set up my first site to start promoting WA and help people get started in Internet Marketing. My new site is; I have been a blogger for years now; so I have a good grasp on what my 'voice' is on the internet and how to 'write from my gut'. If you would like to see my personal blog it is located at; it is not a niche site but I tend to stay on the topics of technology, politics, and spirituality. If you have any questions about blogging or wordpress p