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I have been on Google+ since the beginning (about august 2010) and have discovered some tricks to help increase the engagement on your posts. This includes comments, +1s, and reshares. Getting the most out of your content: ~ 1 Bold Headlines As above, it helps to draw people eye to what you post is about. One big block of text is not helpful, most people will skip right over it. Make sure the headline of you post is relevant. To make text bold, put the text between two asterisks (*).
Anyone having trouble with the 'create new training' area? I can't seem to delete my unpublished lessons, or edit any pages but the first in a lesson... This is my first month being able to create new training and have been trying to get my 'how-to' blog posts as trains but something always seems to go wrong. Any idea? Is it just because of the new format needing the bugs worked out?
January 16, 2014
So here we are in another year, 2014, a year of 7. Seven is a big number when it comes to luck. Many people find the number seven lucky for many reasons. This is what give me optimism for my affiliate marketing career. Over the past few months of me setting up two new sites focused on affiliate marketing with varying results. My first site is a WA Bootcamp site and has been getting around 50 views a month. Not nearly enough to show people the value of WA (let alone get to Vegas). My second sit
December 11, 2013
Here I am, 5 days shy of my second month promoting Wealthy Affiliate and I am starting to rank in Google's search! The highest ones are as follow. Terms: Wealthy Affiliate Review 2013 Jaaxy Double Your Likes The best part is, these terms are ranking within 'incognito' mode on Chrome and 'private' mode for firefox without quotations! This is a big step in the right direction. Keep pushing, never give up! If you have some ideas as to getting that extra push to page one I will be glad to hear
I recently started a new website that reviews a new simple technology. This is a very low hanging keyword with less than 1000 searches a month (as told by Google). For this site I wanted to review as many variations of this technology as I could but of course that would be very expensive. So what did I do? I found as many producers of these devices as I could online and sent them all a message asking them for a sample or donation to add the the site. The majority of them were really excited ab
December 02, 2013
Now that Thanksgiving is over and those of us who celebrated stuffed our stomachs to the max; we can refocus our efforts into the next month. I am coming up on two solid months of promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Shortly after that I will be driving back to my home state for the holiday to spend with family and friends, who I have not seen for months. This is why I love affiliate and internet marketing; even though I may not be able to put new content up for a few days or check on how things are m
November 27, 2013
To everyone who celebrates this holiday (USA). I would like to wish you all a very happy and easy Thanksgiving day. I am thankfull for finding WA and all of you here in this wonderful community.
November 26, 2013
There are seven steps to getting the life you want and deserve.Seven Steps Of Manifesting 1. Vision - Picturing what you want to manifest into your life (your dreams). 2. Desire - Have strong emotion towards those aspects of your life that you wish to manifest. 3. Belief - Have zero doubt that it is 100% possible and will happen. 4. Acceptance - Totally accept that your new belief is true, just as you accepted the old belief to be true. Those first four are known as "the setup" and will help th
November 23, 2013
It is a slow process but surely we are all getting indexed by Google. I logged into Google Webmaster Tools to check out how many pages they are telling me have been indexed. Low and behold another page was added to the list! I never quite understood why Google takes so long to get these pages indexed. My best guess would be due to the mass volume of pages asking to be indexed on a daily basis. Any way, don't stop working on your sites and if might even help to stop looking at Google Webmaster
November 20, 2013
After only two weeks of waiting I made my first sale on ClickBank! I have been on clickbank for much longer than two weeks, but that was when I signed up to promote the product that sold. I actually bought the product to do a review of what was being paid for so that I could write a post. It turned out to be a pretty good program for teaching how to increase Facebook 'likes' and included tools, training, and free images. I gave the product an 80/100.