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I'd like to run some experiements and share the results with you all. Could you help me out by providing me with what your best converter of Wealthy Afilliate signups are? They don't have to lead to sales. I am just looking for what have given you the most signups to date.This information can be found under the "WA Affilate Program" link on the left sidebar.I will post the stats here once I get enough information.After the stats are compiled I will be running a bunch of tests to see what works
Proven Headline Secrets You Need to KnowThis is going to be a quick and dirty post about headlines, so buckle up!For every 10 people who see your headline online only 2 of them will click through. If your headline is dull and boring that click-through rate could drop from 20% to 0% very quickly.Here are some of top ways to make great headlines that I've learned over the years.Headline Secret #1:There needs to be emotion that creates the desire in the passer by to click on your link.Example of E
This may work on other networks but I have not tried at the time of writing this post.The reason this works well on Twitter is that this social network is one giant conversation. We people's achievements, sorrows, and joys as if we were their friends.How to we gain a more dedicated audience on twitter? This tactic I have found to work the best.1. Find a hastag or search term that relates to a problem you can solve.Make sure this is in sync with your niche and area of expertise. If the user beco
I was reading through Proverbs this morning and came across a sentence that says,"A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children..."and it got me thinking.That's kind of why we are all here isn't it? We want to improve our financial future, not just for us but also our family. Both our children and grandchildren.We see this opportunity online. Blogging about our passions and our knowledge with the goal of producing a passive income to get us financially free.This will allow us to
Hey everyone,Just wanted to make a quick post showing everyone that it is easy to get to the top of Google for a long-tail keyword.I published the spot 1 post the day before running the search in Google and they already had me at the top spot! There is a lot that goes into making a great post and it feels good to see it at the top of the ranks for my keyphrase.Stay positive, quick ranks are possible if you follow the rules Google sets!PS. the number 5 spot is the WA post I made as a spin off of
This is a bit of a spin off of a blog post of mine that released April 13, 2016.Three Rules to Getting People to Read Your Blog:1. Give Honest and Sincere Appreciation.We should be very appreciative of our blog readers. And extra appreciative of those who join our mailing lists. Don't be a flirt or flatter. These come off as cheesy and will be found out over time. Make your appreciation honest and sincere when thanking those who read your blog.2. You Gain Readers Faster by Being Interested in T
Many of us like to have our post ideas ready to go for future posting. From my own experience I'd have a few just sitting in WordPress ready to go. All I'd have to do is login and press publish on the desired day.One problem was forgetting to login, or i was out and could not get the post published when on time. This became a hassle as well as not being able to see what was supposed to go out when.Using Google Calendar or a pen an paper were just not cutting it.Then I found CoSchedule! Wow, I'l
1. AkismetThis comes bundled with WordPress. Activate it and sign up for the service to keep the spam comments at bay.2. SumoMeThis plugin is great for adding social share buttons to any page of your site. It also comes with landing pages, email pop-ups, and heat maps! The heat maps are awesome because they let you see what the visitors of your site are clicking on and what they think should be clickable! Super useful.3. Google Analytics by YoastThis makes your Google Analytics viewable inside
After sitting on the "review my blog" page for a while I've noticed there were a few things that I kept saying over and over. So, here they are. I will be using my site as an example of what to aim for. If you have any questions please ask me and I'll be more than happy to help!1. The Home Page Blog RollMany sites I have reviewed are just listing out their blog posts (this is the WordPress default). What we need to do is tell the readers what our site is about, how it's going to help them, and
April 09, 2016
After a long 2 years away from Wealthy Affiliate, I am happy to say I'm back.This place is by far the best network out there. All of you are super nice and friendly. I am looking forward to learning from you all again. As well as sharing my knowledge so we all can come out on top!I've been making websites since I was in the 3rd grade and have been blogging for about 10 years. If you have any questions both technical or non-techincal please ask me. I am more than happy to help out!