What I have accomplished so far.

Last Update: September 06, 2019

What Have I Accomplished?

Well so far I'm at level 2 and have at least managed to create a website page and write 2 pieces to post on it. I would still like to polish the look, but hey...I'm still at level 2 so cut me some slack:)

What I Would Like to Accomplish

I'm hoping in the next 3 months I will be able to drop my contingent job that I work 1 day a week on top of my full time job. I'd rather fill my time doing this and be less stressed!

My Niche

My current niche is home decor, but I actually have 2 that I plan to work on. I figure I better try the one first before I get overwhelmed. So, Home Decor is my trial niche and once I get good and figure things out, I'm hoping to start my second niche on holistics. If i'm lucky, I will get to finish my Nurse Practitioner degree and get certified in Holistics while running my online businesses!

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klchang Premium
You are doing great, Jacqueline.
Within such a short time, you have your website up ... not bad. You know what you want and the niche you are going into ... very good. Coupled with your studies, you still have time for this ... what can I say but you are awesome.
All the best and success to you.
jrinker1 Premium
Thank you! I'm hoping to transition from 2 jobs to this and NP.
JKulk1 Premium
Congratulations Paula. You are doing well. Jim
DarrenNicola Premium
Hello and congrats on the progress you have made so far, you are doing great.
We wish you all the very best and continued success with your niche website.
All the best and keep it going, you can do it.
Darren & Nicola :)
Palatia Premium Plus
Excellent! You've accomplished a lot so far! congrats! Paula
adreyna Premium
Congratulations on your accomplishments!
Keep up the good work.