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Hey FriendsI stumbled on a post post here today that is nothing short of amazing. It truly reflects the Spirit of many WA members, and it filled my Heart with Gladness :). Just what I needed as I face the hurdles of Indie Publishing and network promotion for my book. I keep telling myself, it's worth the time and effort, and of course, absolutely everything I learn, I'll also be able to use elsewhere :)Not that I was down in the dumps about it all, but the sheer magnitude of study and work in
Hey FriendsJust thought I'd drop a line to my Friends. I know, I was supposed to take a few weeks off, but I decided to go back out, and deliver some blankets on the Syrian border. I was feeling guilty, knowing how damn cold they are. But now, I am here for the next few weeks :)So here's my crazy Post, hope you're not disappointed. :)Tao and Confucian thinking came head to head, driving a wedge between Spirituality and Logic. Upheaval was amidst, from the pressure, heat and fermentation arose
January 02, 2016
Hey Friends :)It's that time of year, where many of us, seeking to escape the cold and snow will be travelling abroad. Given the general Global Economy, many safe, warm, inexpensive countries will be our chosen destinations. As an experienced long term Aid Worker and travel writer, I decided to offer this up to my Friends and Associates here at @WA, and made sure the content falls well within WA guidelines. :) . Also, I know of quite a few Friends here, who dream of setting sail, making a livi
Hey All!I hope you're enjoying this Holiday Season, and that your Heart is filled with joy Hope You Enjoy this post I wrote for you guys :) I posted a blog a few days ago, in which I wrote about the subtle differences between Emulating and Imitating, which was kind of a comparison between creating a real painting, and doing a paint by number. So let's recap my post quickly. EmulatingPersonally, and for whatever reason,a great mind I've emulated throughout my Life, is that of Carl Gustav Jung, W
Hey FriendsA Quick Hello, Nothing Too Serious :)Just dropping in, as I'll be busy for the next few days, and won't have access to internet.I don't want to miss out on wishing everyone a really fabulous New Year :)The Great Caramilk Secret "Crack"I'm sure many remember that ad campaign "how do we get the caramel inside a ...?" I was a kid when those commercials first appeared, and I must admit, they did fire up my imagination, and I ate quite a few trying to figure it out.I still remember that y
Hey GatorsA Simple Speakeasy To Kyle And Carson :)Ok, maybe I'm getting carried away. That said, maybe in order to future guard our "Gated Community" here, and like it or not, we are a Gated Community. We are an open minded group of entrepreneurs, learning and growing, helping each other achieve success. However, there are rules and regulations that must be abided by, in order to maintain and safeguard our community. That said, we are also an open community,welcoming everyone into our family, o
I know I've been an advocate of not screaming "Spam" for the wrong reasons, and with obvious justification.. I myself have been victim of certain people misusing the Spam option as a "dislike", and ya, it pissed me off, and I voiced my opinion. However that said, I must admit, WA is open to spam, let it be overt links, or hit by members joining with covert intent.A site like this one, even with utmost transparency as possible, is still vulnerable. If you suspect or feel shady operations, make
Hey FriendsI thought this would be a short post, it grew, out of control. However, I think you'll enjoy it :)~A DedicationFirst off I'd like to dedicate this post to Robert (Boomergp08), who often goes out of his way to help, here @ WA~Emulators and Innovators It was in the 1400s that Leonardo Da Vinci attempted to emulate nature's ability to create wonders, and set out to draw the very first blueprints to what today we take for granted; the Helicopter. Based on his intense observations of t
December 22, 2015
Hey FriendsThere are so many great minds here, we are truly blessed to be surrounded by so many special people. i was thinking today, of actually creating a page, where members could join and share so much cool stuff:)Yes, I did re write this post, as it wasn't really saying what I really wanted. Been kinda lazing around today, and trying to come up with a cool page name. One I thought up was "Wagging The Dog" , a kind of virtual cafe for Zany Minds :) I mean really, there's so much potential h
Hey FriendsThe Tao of TeachingWriting tutorials is not about displaying our knowledge, it's about teaching. How do we teach? Your target GroupWho's your target group, beginners, intermediate or advanced?Think about it, don't waste your time, or someone else's. From the very beginning, attract your focus group. Zero in on your Audience here at WA, that will most benefit from your Tutorial. State your target group.A great Friend of mine, here at WA does this very well, and yes, I am partial to h