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Ok, so we all go through hard times. that said, I'm a little sad. For those of us who have been here a while, we've all become quite accustomed to Robert's (Boomergp08) Sunday funny posts. They tend to allow us some sort of weekend relaxation. Personally, most of my time here in Lebanon,is spent with helping refugees, then working on my sites and book That said, I so look forward to Robert's Sunday blog, my question is:Where is it? Robert, your Sunday post has become my weekly bread so to speak
Hello Friends...Question everything, including Your "Self""Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours"~Richard Bach , (Illusions, 1977) We all have our Poets, Prophets and Saviours that have shed light along the way, individuals who we've connected with, and inadvertently help shape who we are today. My first major influence Jesus. then Gandhi, and the list goes on, and though over the years, many times I've fallen short of following their example, I strived to remain true to m
Hey FriendsThis Post is a bit of a pick and chose between my humor, sarcasm, and pet peeves.WARNING: Proceed At Your Own RiskHope you enjoy :)Clean up in aisle 5 please <Let me begin by sharing one of my fav hobbies, that is grocery shopping. Yup, but not alone, with a member of the opposite sex. Personally there's nothing which brings me more joy, than watching a Woman laughing to the point of hysterics, I know, pretty kinky. Now if you've read my posts, you've probably come to the conclus
Hey FriendsI'm on a bit of a rant today, thought I'd share...As I'm working on my sites to accommodate and promote my book and also other great programs "I trust", I often come across a promotion technique I absolutely abhor, and find it in very poor taste, that is; mudslinging, and negative false site reviews. It's never been my thing to bring down someone else, so as to promote myself, I'm more into fair play, live and let live. Now that's not to say that scams shouldn't be exposed, however
Hey Friends :)Woke up this morning, a little in the dumps. For starters aid work isn't exactly a financially profitable enterprise, so i find myself a little strapped for cash at times. And so I walked over to my desk, grabbed my last smoke, then as I was heading to my laundry pile, to search for pocket change, I threw my last few slices of bread into the toasterWell not much as far as pocket change, then suddenly a distinct smell of burning toast caught my attention, I dropped my pants, and r
Hey Friends :)Hope everyone is well, and forging happily ahead :)How to find a lasting NicheFinding your virtual Niche is as complex as finding your niche in the physical work force, and shouldn't be taken lightly. If you're aiming to make your niche profitable, then there are a few important things you must take into account. But where to start?Now there are a quite a few different schools of thought as well as various opinions concerning this subject,. However, let's just focus on two main o
Hey FriendsToday's blog, though separate, is a prelude of sorts to a series of Posts I've written for my Friends here at WA. The series itself is titled " Meeting The Shadow; An Honest Look At Success". I've put and will be putting a lot of work into it, with hopes that you enjoy :) Though in the future each segment will be a weekly release, I will be posting Part One later on today.To Our continued Success...Meeting The Shadow; A Look At The Fear Of Success. The Fear Of Success "You can't lo
Hey FriendsI've been thinking about this long and hard, and after reading the many enjoyable posts on "where have our Ambassadors gone glitch", and of course doing a little research into the matter, I decided to add a few theories of my own. Theory # 1It's just that, a glitch, nothing more nothing less. No need for alarm, let's just grab a snack, kick up a jay, or pour a stiff Scotch. We can stop Jonesing, all will return to normal soon :)Theory #2There has been a warp in the very fiber of the
Hey Friends :)A few months ago, while absent from WA, I did a bit of research, as I wanted to keep on working on my Websites, all the while working on my book. My absence from here was indeed due to two main factors;First, the areas I was travelling in, here in the Middle East had most internet connectivity cut off. The reasons for this, are beyond WA framework, so I'll have to let you do the math on your own, as there are no marginal shades of grey to play in :)Secondly, the nature of my pres
Hey Friends :)Something as WA members, I feel we need to improve on.One of the factors that has kept me here at WA, is the willingness to help eachother out, and there's lots of it that goes around. However like any Family,Tribe or Community, there's always something that can be made even better. I know, hard to believe WA can be made better, especially since the announcement by Carson that we can now purchase our domains right here at WA. This is great not only because of the ease it has crea