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Happy Sunday FriendsAfter reading a few posts on here, I felt compelled to write this. Have a great Sunday Folks :)I have little use for feeling Pity. ‘It means very little to know that a million Chinese are starving unless you know one Chinese who is starving.’John Steinbeck Pity seldom helps anyone, and in itself implies that the person does not deserve their plight, and is unable to prevent, change, or grow from it. Pity has nothing at all to do with feeling compassion, or empath
Hey FriendsWell the weekend is here, hope everyone is doing well. I thought I'd mention some tools for everyday use, and that personally I couldn't go without. Hopefully they might serve you also. So here goes a few of my Favs.Hope you enjoy...1) LazarusEver lose your work, like for instance an online blog or post such as I'm writing right now? Sheesh, all that work, gone, lost in the infinite. Even a long winded comment, right here at WA? Well I'm notorious at it, seriously! I'm forever mu
Hey FriendsHope everyone is well. Multi-taskingI'm always working on a few projects at a time, I've decided to slow my travels to refugee camps a little over the next little while, and devote more time to getting my book finally published and website revamped While studying up on promoting my book, I had a few ideas about promoting other Indie publishers at the same time, kind of like an online cooperative. If this spikes interest, leave a comment below, and we can PM each other, brainstorm an
Hey FriendsA little long winded, still I just have to share I had a wonderful experience here a few days ago, which I feel I just have to share with you. I was enjoying some down time, and so decided to roam the WA University corridors, just to see if there was someone I could help out. Wasn’t long before I happed on a new comer who did, let’s call her Lydia.Now Lydia’s question was a relatively simple one, which she asked in an almost apologetic way. I could feel her hesitat
Hey FriendsHope everyone is doing well in WA land, just thought I'd do a quick drive by and drop off my weekend thoughts :). Is Camel Dung Allowed On WA???Because I know for sure, certain other words aren't allowed such as...However, this is the furthest I dare venture into the "Grey Zones"A post I readI was taking a break yesterday afternoon, and came across an online WA review that gave me a perspective which I'd never thought of. It wasn't quite the way I perceive WA, and in fact the review
Hey Friends :)I want to mention two weekly events here at WA, which you really owe yourself to make time for. Many already know about these weekly "happenings" here, and a few who sadly might not. So just a WA "Shout Out" for both these awesome MembersJay @ "Magistudios" , hosts weekly live video training events that are offered within the Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Always upbeat and down to earth. I've found his stuff not only "spot on", also he's so helpful. What's more is
February 02, 2016
Thanks friendsFor all your SupportI made Ambassador again, does it float my boat? Yes it does, however for reasons you might not expect, as well as for those you do. I want to thank you all for your support. Floating My BoatLet me be honest, being an Ambassador to WA, always has, and will continue to cajole my Ego, as it's kind of like looking in the mirror, and it brings to mind something I wrote many years ago;When we are young, we get the looks we inherit from our Parents, as we get older,
Hello friendsA bit about Indie PublishingThere was a time when Indie Publishing was well, kind of seen as a joke. Not so much anymore, in fact not at all. More writers are now self-publishing, rather than turning over 80% of possible profits to publishers. Sounds like a piece of cake, however easier said than done. Evolution of the modern WriterMost writers want to write, they often abhor having to deal with the nitty gritty of the designing, marketing, and publishing part of it. In fact many o
January 27, 2016
Hey FriendsJust a few friendly and uplifting thoughtsAnything worthwhile takes time, and no matter how much one "visualizes" success, if the work isn't done, then it will remain just that: a visualization, stuck on the drawing boardThere are times we definitely feel overwhelmed, and with good reason, there's a lot of track ahead to lay. Speaking of track, think of the transcontinental railroad which was built in six years almost entirely by hand, now there's a lot of track. Each new piece of co
Hey FriendsI Love Longtail Keywords, and the challenge that comes with using them.Now I've come across a few sites, which I couldn't help but wonder if english was the author's second language, so I went back and reread. It felt like a real pain in the derriere, when I realized it was a grammatical miss use of long tail keywords. Google is becoming smarter every day, long tail keywords must be used with proper English. Using Long tail Keywords is an art, there is no shortcut. Don't try to pre