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Hey friendsJust A Real ShareI don't know what happened, going through my emails last week, my facebook and other contacts, I noticed all my old friends were all talking 'bout aches and pains. It kind of gave me a fright. I had a knee jerk reaction, sheesh man, you're sixty, and You never stopped long enough to notice. I'm not aching, I'm not blogging about the side effects of the medication I'm on, in fact, never thought of taking any, though I must say I do enjoy every now and then, the smooth
Hey FriendsMany of you know I'm involved in helping out Syrian refugees here in the Middle East, you might also recall the story I wrote about a Syrian lad I helped out, by purchasing the equipment he needed, to start up his "shoe shine" business. Well that was almost 2 years ago, he was living on the street with his 8 year old sister, no parents, no money, nada. When I first met this lad, his state was deplorable, dirt baked into his skin, his clothes torn and tattered. He often resorted to e
Hey GangSo you're shi'it out of luck, you're not making money, the rent is due, and you can't pay the electricity bill. Sheesh man, suck it up... You look around, walk over to the coffee pot, then you trip over the cat, so you give him one swift kick, after all, he shouldn't have been there in the first place. First mistake...Let's make the scenario worseYou went out last night for dinner with your Sweetheart, the check came and you couldn't afford to pay the whole thing. So Cinthya looked at
Hey FriendsI wrote a post this past Sunday about the importance of titles, and also about never misleading your Audience. True to form, my post today is a heartfelt share, about someone who I've grown not only to Love, who also I've come to respect and admire. Revealing a little about myselfBefore I let the cat out of the bag, let me first share a little more about myself, and how this person influenced me.I've always admired people who are straight up, allow themselves to be genuine, with n
Howdy FolksHope everyone is enjoying this beautiful SundayAbout dropping a lineOk, you've written and edited that great post or blog, and you want the world to read it. Finally that moment has arrived, your finger is just itchin' to hit that wonderful button. And so leaning back, with a sigh of relief and satisfaction, you click on that all so powerful command; "PUBLISH" A few hours, then a few days roll by, and you've only accumulated a few hits, yet your content was truly great, what's the
Howdy Folks, Just wanting to take a moment of your time, and dispel a nasty rumor going around. If you haven't come across it yet, well you know what to do with it if you do :)Squashing the BugI have an innate dislike for rumours, hearsay that can have a nefarious effect on those who are working hard, often struggling to succeed, even more so if it happens to be destructive towards something or someone that I sincerely care about. ~JFC"People should get their information from the source with
February 20, 2016
Hey FriendsI'd like to borrow a little of your time to share a little more of who I am, and where I'm going. Hopefully, Whoever and wherever you are, my words might serve to inspire. Actually, undertaking writing this, was inspired by a kindred Spirit I recently met here. Thanks Don T.Bite Me...!When Life Bites, Bite back What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly. ~Richard BachFirst let me bring some of you who don't already know me much, up to speed. A few y
G'Day FolksSharing the WA HeartbeatI want to share a success story with you guys today. Now before I go on, I must admit, ya I'm partial to this guy, and hold a lot of respect for him. You'll always find him out and about here @ WA, dropping in on our blogs with encouraging, and supportive words , while helping others out along the way. He's one of the great members, that helps maintain what I like to call the WA Heartbeat. In short, after reading about his success this morning, I just thought
Hey FriendsI'd like to share with you a really cool tool today, which I've been using for the last twenty years or so. Others who I've introduced it to, still use it, and have noticed on the whole, increased creativity as well as concentration. For those already familiar, feel free to chime in, I'd Love to read your response Over the years, I've created my very own Brain Entrainment Tool Box, and among my fav Brainwave Entrainment gizmos, is what's called a Binaural Beat generator, that does
Hey Friends, Yup, you read that right, and it's a proven fact: People who suffer from PMS, aka the "Poor Me Syndrome", are far less likely to succeed. The Poor Me SyndromeI must admit, I have a hard time being around people who are chronically afflicted by PMS. Often times they tend to blame the world "out there" for their woes, and carry a compendium of self justifying reasons around, for why their Life is failing.In a way, PMS is a form of masochism, over time we've allowed ourselves to becom