I am a Fake

Last Update: November 07, 2016

Hey folks,

So this morning it dawned on me; I have not sold even one single affiliate product. Not one! I have made money coaching online (my best ever online coaching month was July, 2016). I earned almost $5,000 in July coaching clients via Skype and over the phone. I also have some pretty impressive traffic and blogging success stories but I repeat, I have never sold a single affiliate product.

Even more shocking, I don't seem to have the desire to sell affiliate products. Yes, I am stating that although I am a yearly premium Wealthy Affiliate member, I don't want to sell affiliate products. I have written extensively about what I DO want to accomplish:

  1. Street Dharma - meditation and transformation programs for homeless and underprivileged people
  2. Laptop Diva - a site focused on tracking my day to day life as well as my grass roots and for profit business development
  3. Backyard Brood - a site focused on tracking my adventures raising backyard chickens
  4. Wealthy Affiliate - I paid for the year, so I might as well use the support system and continue to help people to the best of my ability (though I don't feel qualified because most people want to sell affiliate products and I don't yet know how to do that)

So far I have schedule one meditation session for Street Dharma, I am blogging and updating both Laptop Diva and Backyard Brood regularly (though I do need to be more consistent) and as my Beach Body coach Mike Whitney (also a WA member) said, I am "crushing" the ranking system here on WA.

I realize that the above list probably sounds overwhelming to most and it might seem like my focus is spread too thin but so far it is working for me and I am enjoying the process and challenge. However, if you examine my list of passion projects, you may notice that none of them have a strong financial earning ability (yes, a few of these focuses may earn me a small bit of cash now and then but nothing major).

While I would love to give 100% of my time to helping others, the harsh reality is that, for my family to continue living the quality of life they have come to enjoy, I do need to earn an income. It's not a huge amount, $2000 per month would be sufficient, but on average, $4000+ per month is what I earned coaching online.

It is funny that someone as transparent as me would call herself a fake but seriously, people keep asking me questions about affiliate marketing and I simply cannot help them. My member rank as of today is 29 which means I will likely be an ambassador in the near future, yet I am NOT an affiliate marketer. So I made a decision; I am not going to develop my skills as an affiliate marketer.

I am going to concentrate on shifting the focus of my coaching practice and I am going to work on correcting what I didn't enjoy about it. If I were to go back to making $2000 - $4000+ per month from my coaching practice while charging more per client so I can work less hours a week, I would have more time to commit to my passion projects and my family.

If I also add some digital products, webinars and possibly even a summit (where I work with a group of experts) I may even be able to get affiliates to market my products and services. That was where my business was originally headed but I got overwhelmed and gave up. Not a very good example I am setting for this community!

So I am re-aligning my energy. I am still working away on all of my passion projects and I will not turn my back on the Wealthy Affiliate community but I am also going to begin re-creating my coaching practice and replacing my coaching income. What a process this is! I am so glad I have such an amazingly supportive community to share the journey with!

That's all she wrote. May your day be blessed.

From my heart to yours,


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MyraBeth Premium

We do need coaches in the world, so follow your heart. Affiliate marketing isn't for everyone, nor is it meant to be. We all can't be doing the same thing.

Studies have shown that if students are shown how to meditate, and given the time for meditation, rather than giving them a detention, they are calmer, therefore can focus and learn better. And they become better people because they are at peace.


You are not a fake, you are on a journey and as with many journeys, we try different things, we go in different directions, until we find our pathway.

Blessings to you, Beth
JoyNelson Premium
Thanks so much for the support and information, Beth!
StepChook Premium
I don't think there's anything wrong with that approach at all, Joy. Personally, I think that for the membership fee we pay, it's worth it just for learning how to set up an authority site.

Sometimes, value is determined, not by a monetary value, but rather by the amount of enjoyment and self-fulfillment that one gets out something.
JoyNelson Premium
So true! I agree.
paulkaz Premium
Hi great post, it would have taken loads of courage writing this. You are definitely not a fake, the success you've had proves this.

If affiliate marketing is not your thing then stick with what you know and are comfortable with. There is room for everyone and you are obviously providing a great service or people would not pay for it.

Keep doing what you do and we will all grow together!
JoyNelson Premium
stephhill Premium
You are not a fake. To earn 5K in one month is a great accomplishment even if it was from some other way of making money online. Many of us diverse our talents and work into different online venues to make money. I earn money yes, with affiliate marketing, but also through Google Adsense, through selling direct through EBay (one of my biggest lately) and writing for other people. It is okay to be diverse and even if you do not make money through affiliate marketing, you are still making money online and that is what we are all about.

So, no you are not a fake. You are real....And we love you.:)
JoyNelson Premium
Awe, thanks os much! You are too sweet! - Joy
DreamAngel Premium
Your not a fake at all Joy! A fake wouldn't tell everyone what you just said! You are an honest person and that in it's self is very valuable and a very good example! I love reading your posts and keeping up with you and I think it's awesome that you want to follow your passion! Be true to yourself! You are doing great!

Best wishes

JoyNelson Premium
Awe, thanks Barbara! You are such a sweet woman! - Joy
DreamAngel Premium
Any time Joy! Thank you!