I made a sale!

Last Update: November 04, 2014

Yes. I made a sale!

And it's because of ALL the things I learned here at Wealthy Affiliate.

I sold one of my internet-based companies today. It took us less than a year to "incubate" it and eventually exit. My team is ecstatic and far more richer today than yesterday. :)

I am here to let you know how you can do it too.

It starts with you creating a brand and building a website.

In order to do that more effectively, go through ALL the lessons here at WA. :)

I have been in the internet industry when it was still called "The New Economy" during the "dot-com boom". One of the pioneers in the industry. I love working and doing things in the background. You can say that I am like a hermit, averse to publicity.

Fortunately, I was able to cash in most of my stock options before the dot-com boom went bust, and I was able to make a hefty sum out of it.

I am telling all of these to INSPIRE you.

Now here it goes. How do you get rich online?


I'm not saying that a little sale here and there is nothing, on the contrary, what I am trying to impart to you good reader is that YOU CAN ALSO DO BETTER easily.

There is no "mysterious mojo" that makes us successful, I am just like you, a human being.

The internet is a "great equalizer", it has a way of leveling the playing field for a solopreneur (like you) and multinational companies.

What does Amazon, Google, Facebook and Twitter have in common? They are basically websites. Sure, they have special functionalities built into them, but at their core -- they are still just websites.

Do this today:

  • Create your personal brand
    • Buy your personal domain - e.g. www.janedoe.com
    • Write a professional profile
  • Build your personal website
  • Go to Fiverr
    • Have a logo designed
  • Write a blog
    • What you know
    • Your interests
    • Passions
  • Join social networks
  • Start your small internet company
    • Incorporate
  • Monetize
    • Offer your product or service
  • Build your reputation
    • Manage your business well
    • Be an early adaptor
    • Innovate, simplify
    • Keep learning, keep growing
  • Later on, you will deal with investment bankers, venture capitalists, or private equity groups and sell a portion of your shares to reap your financial rewards and literally become rich overnight. (Show me the money!) :)

A unique personal brand and good business reputation built on INTEGRITY will ensure your success in your online ventures.

So, which do you prefer? An $8 sale, or an $8,000,000 internet company sold? The answer is obvious and within your reach. It's all up to you. Stay focused and be tenacious! Hold on to your dreams.

So, what are you waiting for? Build your internet company now!

I'll see you on the other side, future internet millionaire. :)

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Anewcreature Premium
I am rejoicing with you for your success which encourage other here .
Joph Premium
Hi Robert.

You can do this too! You have the capability to do it, I'm sure of that.

Stay focused and keep on moving forward.

tmmom Premium
Joph Premium
Hi Sandra.

Thank you!

I am sure that you can do this too!

Stay focused and start writing 1 content (that you love) everyday from now on.

What is your website? Kindly send it to me so we can make a free analysis and give you the recommendation. :)

Be well and happy always. Smile more!

burnz07 Premium
Congratulations Joph! That is 8 million times great news! Lol! I've been thinking of that too, and your blog just confirmed my plans.

Thanks a lot for sharing!
Joph Premium
Hi Bernie.

What can I say? You can definitely do it too!

By the way how's your website going. Just PM me if you need some advice. Who knows, maybe I can help, wink wink :)

Be well Bernie and more power to you and your family!

burnz07 Premium
I am doing great Joph! I will do PM you if ever I have some bumps on the road. Thanks a lot and congratulations!
JohnAllen Premium
Joph; It is I that should be taking advice from you. Great proven philosophy. Honesty always wins out in the end..... Integrity
Joph Premium
Hi John.

Your profile is impressive.

Your life is a book waiting to be written by you and published. :)

I believe that we all have the capability to succeed, it's just a matter of focus and having a good mentor.

By the way, what is your website address? Do let me know, so we can review it and make some recommendations for you.

Stay frosty!
JohnAllen Premium
Don't have one yet but should be around next week or so:-)
jazminf Premium
That's quite a sale Joph, Congratulations! Thank you for the information and the inspiration:)
Joph Premium
Thank you Jaz.

You can do this too! It's starts with writing 1 content that you love everyday. :)

Putting up the website and monetizing it is the easy part.

The KEY is the content.

Have you started your website? Let me know so we can analyze it and see how we can help you.

Stay frosty!
jazminf Premium
Will do Joph, Thank you:)